Tim Duncan out of the lineup for the Spurs, but what for?

Keywords: tim duncan, spurs, old, inactive, gregg popovich

Tim Duncan has been in the NBA for a long, long, long time. He has 4 NBA championships, 2 MVP awards and has been an All Star 13 times. Timmy has done it all and he has played quite a few games. In this strike shortened season many teams have given their players off in order to rest them up for the playoffs. This was the case for Duncan last night, the reason he wasn’t playing though was simple. Out with a case of “Old.” Rather then just say rest or inactive, the Spurs decided to list Tim Duncan as old. Coach Gregg Popovich, who has quite a few years on himself, was the one that penciled Duncan in with a serious case of old. ¬†Ironically Timmy got a technical for arguing calls from the bench, but he was just being a grumpy old man.