The Knicks finally beat something, unfortunately it was a glass case

Keywords: amare stoudemire, knicks, miami heat, fire extinguisher

Somehow I was in class during the Knicks game last night. I watched highlights of the contest got ready to do a little recap, but now the game itself means nothing. The ineffective Amare Stoudemire lost his cool last night in the locker room. Well he never really had any cool…..since he’s been getting burned by the Heat so much. But the puns don’t stop there. Stat threw his fist at a fire extinguisher and cut open his hands. The Knicks are going to need a whole fire department if they want to put out the Heat.


Puns aside, Stat may not play the rest of the series. He cut his hand open pretty bad and was seen walking out of the arena in a sling. The Knicks actually had a lot of success when Amare was injured the last few weeks. Maybe sticking Melo back at power forward will be just the spark this team needs.