Rudy Gay to the Bobcats a possibility

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Saying the Bobcats are unhappy about losing the Draft Lottery in the understatement of the year. The team is miserable knowing they wont be able to get Anthony Davis to save their franchise. So with that they want to trade the 2nd overall pick. One of the top suitors for a trade with the Bobcats are the Memphis Grizzlies, who apparently are willing to send over Rudy Gay.



Rudy Gay is a top tier NBA talent, the past 5 season he has averaged about 19 points and 6 rebounds. He is also still just 25 years old, a piece that the Bobcats could certainly build around. That being said, I think the Bobcats need to stop being bitter and hold on to their pick. While Gay is a great young player, the upside of a guy like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist of Kentucky or Harrison Barnes of UNC is even greater then what Gay is. Not only do the prospects have more upside, but they are also much cheaper and younger then Gay.