The Knicks have fallen once again, face elimination

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I have tried all season to look at the glass to be half full. But now that cup is shattered on the floor. The Knicks lost an NBA record 13th straight playoff game, and with that they also fell into a 0-3 hole against the Miami Heat.  No NBA team has ever come back from an 0-3 deficit. Does anyone actually think the Knicks would be the first team to do it? Absolutely not.



With that I will try to look to the future, and unfortunately it too is grim. The Novakaine boy is going to be due salary increase, as is J.R. Smith. I also think Steve Novak will look to return home to Milwaukee. The Knicks do not have any salary space, so buh bye to the key components of the Knickerbocker bench. Jeremy Lin is also a free agent, however he will almost certainly be back. I wont even make some sort of Lin pun, he isn’t even worthy of it anymore.



So those are the free agents, but the bigger concern may be those who are locked up in contact. Mainly Amare Stoudemire. I wont ever pretend that “I hate to say I told you so.” I would love to say it, and the one thing I said from the moment the Knicks wasted their amnesty on Chauncey was that they will regret. They will regret because Stat will have his body explode and he wont ever be the same again. Hmm….maybe it isn’t that great saying I told you so.


Also important to note, Amare looks like the guy from Assassins Creed in this picture. Look it up if you’ve never played it and prepare to have your mind blown.



Okay there was a lot of negativity up in here. Bright side time, Tyson Chandler won defensive player of the year! That sure is something, especially considering how putrid the Knicks have been on defense in recent years. And even better news, Tyson is back next season! All right, glass half full.