Carmelo Anthony is a star in New York, in more ways than one

Keywords: nurse jackie, showtime, carmelo anthony acting, heat


Sunday night a 9, Knicks fans can tune in to watch Carmelo Anthony continue his stardom. Yes I am aware the Knicks play the Heat early in the afternoon. The starring I’m referring to is not on the hardwood but in the studio. Melo will be guest starring on Showtimes “Nurse Jackie.” He will be embracing the role of, get this….a washed up basketball star in group therapy. There are so many jokes that can be made about this, but lately Melo has shut me up so I can’t really talk. So if you wanna tune in to get a glimpse into Melo’s future….errr into Melo’s acting career, you can tune in at 9 P.M. on Showtime.