Kobe does it all, blocks and scores his way to victory over the Nuggets

Keywords: kobe bryant, denver nuggets, los angeles lakers


Most people shout “Kobe” when they take a jump shot while throwing something into the garbage. Now you can scream it out when you’re that guy diving to block the shot of the person disposing of their trash. Last night Bryant had a huge block over Al Harrington, that to go along with 36 points. The announcer called the block “Lebron-esque” I honestly think that is an insult to Kobe Bryant.



The Nuggets are not a bad team by any means. This was one of the few series that I saw possibly going 7 games. But the Lakers are taking care of business, and with Andrew Bynum finally playing consistently they could be on their way to yet another championship.


The most important word of that last sentence is “consistency”. Well actually its probably championship, but there is none of that without consistency. Kobe, Bynum, Pau Gasol, and even Ron Artest at some point. These guys need to be able to play hard every night if they wanna win number 6 in the Kobe era. Actually maybe Artest shouldn’t play too hard, for obvious reasons.