The Portland Trailblazers have fired head coach Nate McMillan after the teams dramatic overhaul

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When you lose to the Knicks, bad things usually come along with it. When you lose by 40 to the Knicks, your entire franchise gets decimated overnight. Nate McMillan was actually one of the longest tenured coaches in Trail Blazers history, picking up 266 wins in his six and a half years with the team. Now it will be assistant coach Kaleb Canales who will try to keep the team afloat. That team will not include a number of players that the Blazers had just two nights ago against the Knicks.


Gerald Wallace is on his way to New Jersey and Marcus Camby is heading to Houston. But the most surprising move made at the deadline was not a trade at all. The Portland Trailblazers have finally given up on Greg Oden. Greg Oden who was picked 1st overall, ahead of Kevin Durant. After years of injuries and knee issues Oden was released by the Blazers. Oden did look like he was a 60 year old man so I wouldn’t be shocked if he had lied about his age all these years. Whether or not he really is a senior citizen, he might just be forced into retirement.