Larry Bird may be having his swan song as he is rumored to be set to retire as Pacers president

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The Beatles references really can apply to most situations…..right, anyway getting to Larry Bird. Bird is best known for his championship seasons with the Celtics, since 2003 however Bird has been the president of the Indianapolis Pacers organization. That may come to an end as soon as the end of this season though. Bird says he has yet to make a decision about his future, but the fact he is thinking about retirement usually coincides with retirement. The Pacers have actually been pretty decent this season, minus the embarrassing weekend they had against the Knicks last week. If they could make some noise maybe they could send Bird out on top. But with setting this Bird free, someone needs to come in as a replacement.


Reports have suggested that either Reggie Miller or Chris Mullin could take over the presidency. Well for a St. John’s student and Knicks fan this is easy. Reggie Miller is considered a demon amongst Knicks fans, and Chris Mullin spent four wonderful years as a member of the St. John’s Redmen. So who better to take over then Mullin, who did play for the Pacers for a snippet of his career. Although a benefit of Miller getting the job would be we would no longer have to listen to him commentating games. Well with that being the case, either way I will be happy with whoever does replace Larry Legend.