The Knicks headed to the Brew City for what may have been their biggest win of the season

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The Milwaukee Bucks sat just one game back of the Knicks entering last nights game. If they had won, they would be the eight seed and the Knicks would be out of the playoffs. Another big game from Carmelo Anthony and a late game surge by J.R. Smith kept the postseason hopes alive in New York. And of course it is important to note that Steve Novak resides in Milwaukee and had about 20 family members cheering him on in the crowd.


While Novak did hit two late free throws to ice the game, the real hero was J.R. Smith. Which is weird considering how bad he had been all game. Much like the game against the Bulls, coach Mike Woodson stuck with Smith and it paid off. We do need to remember that this is the Knicks, so that move us not without controversy. The more J.R. Smith plays, the less Landry Fields does. Landry has had a disappointing sophomore season, and the more you watch the sidelines in the game the more you see Woodson chewing the ear of Landry. Whether he is teaching him or disciplining him is up for interpretation. Either was I am not too sure his career will last past this season in New York.