Michael and his Brother Dan will no longer be members of the Knicks coaching staff

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I was going to put this as breaking news, but usually something breaking is also shocking. It should comes as no surprise to anyone that Mike D’Antoni is no longer the head coach of the Knicks, although the way it came about is a bit more unexpected. D’Antoni resigned as head coach of the Knicks, amidst all the Melo drama and plummet of Linsanity. Assistant Coach Mike Woodson will be taking things over, but many have speculated that Jerry Sloan or Phil Jackson could take over this mess of an organization. Melo and Mike were reported to not get along at all and I think D’Antoni had his patience run dry with the overbearing superstar. And to avoid any potentially awkward situations, his brother Dan D’Antoni also resigned. Yea, his parents actually named him Dan D’Antoni.