Go easy on the guy, will ya?

Keywords: kevin durant, crying, game 5


Kevin Durant is taking a beating today on the internet after last nights performance, for his performances both during and after the game.   I guess a grown man crying like that into his moms arms isn’t exactly respectable-  but let’s not forget that watching your childhood dreams slip away like that also can’t be too easy on the mind.



Durant is generally known as a nice guy around the league who wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t ruffle feathers very often; plays a respectable game, is the face of a franchise, and puts in his best effort each and every night. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when he reacts like this after a ending his season.



To watch a guy like this lose a championship is tough, especially if you’re a ‘Miami Big 3′ hater.  I’ve seen all sorts of sports championships victories and defeats, but I must admit,  a 6’9 giant dude leaning over and bawling into his moms arms probably takes the cake as the most awkward one I’ve ever seen.  Keep your head up KD, you have Durantula lawsuits to keep your mind occupied in the offseason.