The Bobcats get win number 5 on the season, an interesting number for Kemba Walker

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Around this time last year, Kemba Walker was playing in the Big East tournament with UConn. He led the Huskies to five wins in five straight days. Kemba and UConn kept the momentum going and won the NCAA championship. Then Kemba got drafted to the Bobcats, and until tonight he had more wins in those five days then his new team has had all season.


I feel as if I use the Charlotte Bobcats to practice my satirical writing. They aren’t even so bad that it isn’t funny, they are worse than that which makes it hilarious. That being said, they beat the Orlando Magic, no small task. Dwight Howard has been calling out his own teammates all season and has literally begged the front office to trade him. I think it is safe to say he was none too happy after losing to the lowly Cats of Bob.