The glorious jerseys of the 90′s will be making a triumphant return

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I have waited 12 long years for the NBA to go back to the 90′s. This was a time where the jerseys were just as ridiculous as some of the players wearing them (Dennis Rodman.) The designs were eccentric and down right gaudy, and that is exactly what I love about them. This season, these jerseys above will be making a return to the backs of NBA players.



But that is not all, not pictured are the Houston Rockets jersey that literally has a rocket flying through the letters, the 76ers jersey that is full of stars and American nationalism, and the Cavs jersey with the powder blue stripe. Hmm, well actually that is not all…..I feel like I may be forgetting one. Oh yea, the return of the TORONTO RAPTORS JERSEYS WITH A FRICKEN RAPTOR PLASTERED ON THE FRONT. The greatest NBA jersey in history is coming back and I could not be happier.