The NBA plans to put advertisements on NBA jerseys

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In the European game of football, teams drape the names of sponsors across the chest of their players’ jerseys. They also allow their players to dive in order to get a foul called. As of this year, both of those things will be true for basketball players in the NBA. So now while players are flopping all over the floor, it will be sponsored by McDonald’s, or maybe their rival Burger King. So let me just grab a McFlurry and hear what NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver has to say.

“I think it’s likely that we’ll do something, implement something, some sort of plan for the fall. I think it’s fair to say that our teams were excited about the opportunity and think there is potentially a big opportunity in the marketplace to put a two-by-two patch on the shoulder of our jerseys.”

All right, so a tiny ad on the shoulder really isn’t a huge deal. But this is a league filled with greedy owners who will just want more money, and as their greed increases, so will the size of these advertisements. It is the New York Knicks, not the New York Nokia. You wanna catch the Oklahoma City Target game? I think they are playing the Los Angeles Chipotle. Yeah, something about that just doesn’t sound right to me.