Kobe Bryant thinks this is the best U.S.A squad ever

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Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson. A team built around these three men led to the most dominating basketball team anybody has ever seen. Well, apparently that is until today. Kobe Bryant says his current USA squad would be able to handle the old squad if they were able to play them through a time machine. Or something like that. Sorry Kobe, but even if all those 50 and 60 year old guys came out to play now they would still come out on top. There is a reason they were called the Dream Team, that squad was the stuff of legend. And I’ll be honest, this current team may not even be able to win the gold medal this year. But I will get to my Olympic predictions once we get a little closer.


Hey look! Theres Melo and Tyson Chandler. Chandler is going to have a whole lot of pressure on him during these games, he is the only pure center on the roster.