The Houston Rockets gave Jeremy Lin an offer he cant refuse

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The rough off season for the Knicks got even harder now that the Houston Rockets have signed Jeremy Lin an offer sheet worth about $3o million. You read that right, a guy that started a grand total of 25 career games is being offered $30 million over the course of four years. Oddly the Rockets are the same team that put Lin on waivers early last season. Now sure. the Knicks can match this offer and retain Lin, but it will come at quite a heavy cap hit that will handcuff the Knicks for years.


So thanks to the Houston Rockets the Knicks will either lose their star point guard, or overpay for a player who has one of the smallest sample sizes in NBA history. Either way, Knicks fans will react negatively. The best case scenario now might just be to let Lin go. It was fun while it lasted, but if the Knicks give him this kind of money they wont be able to make any moves for the next four years. As much as I hate to say it, we may have seen the last of Jeremy Lin as a Knickerbocker.