After years of ridicule, Lebron James is finally an NBA Champion

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This time last year Lebron James was a lost man. The internet was in a frenzy over jokes about Lebron and his lack of 4th quarter clutch ability. Lebron even ended up calling out his haters and saying that his life was better then theirs. Now today Lebron is victorious, and he is the only one laughing now. He apologized earlier this year for his immature actions and his play seemed to follow with his new found maturity.



Lebron coined himself “King James” before ever accomplishing anything. But now that the king has his ring, the name finally fits. Of course some credit goes to Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, but in the end this championship belongs to the King. He is no longer Prince James, he is no longer the Robin to Wade’s Batman, he is finally the King of the NBA.