Sued by a guy with a guitar and a dream

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Kevin Durant was sued in Federal Court by a guy named Mark Durante.  Durante is a guitarist who claims to have had a few of his own successful glory years back in the day, and claims he got the nickname “Darantula” back in the 80′s as a guitarist who worked with some noteworthy bands. He claims he sold music, recordings, apparel, guitars and other merchandise.



TMZ explains that Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder star(who is in risk of ending his season tonight with one more loss to the Heat) could possibly be in hot water depending on how Durant lawyers up and plays the situation.  Kevin Durant seems to have a possible loophole here-  if it is just the fans and announcers calling him the nickname, and he isn’t actually ever on record calling himself ‘Durantula’ then he may be left completely immune in the case.


Nike, however,  won’t be so lucky as there is an alleged entire sneaker campaign based off the Durantula nickname.  If this Mark Durante character can support his statement, I think its safe to say he has a check coming his way that is about to make him a very happy man.


P.S. no idea where these pictures came from, all I know is the internet is a wonderful thing.  Type anything in that Google bar and something magical will appear 10 times out of 10.