This season may have been the Kevin Garnett Swan Song

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The great career of Kevin Garnett appears to be just about over. Im gonna say some nice things about KG, but that since that will be hard to me I’ll get the bad stuff out first. Garnett is one of dirtiest and most classless players to ever touch a basketball. When Tim Duncan had his mother pass away, KG trash talked by saying “happy mothers day.”  He referred to Charlie Villanueva, a guy that has no hair, as a cancer patient. And this is just stuff that he says, I wont even mention all the elbows this guy has thrown over the course of his career.



That being said, Kevin Garnett is a competitor. The guy will do whatever it takes to win, even if that means acting like a complete moron. He lives for his team, he is loyal and committed solely to basketball. Many of the reports have KG leaning towards retirement. Those that do not however say that there is no chance he does not return to the Celtics. He will take the pay cut to finish things off in Boston, and something about that is pretty noble to me.