Queens native Lamar Odom eyeing a return home to play for the Knicks

Keywords: lamar odom, kardashians, kris humprhies


Only Michael Scott can portray how I feel about even the thought of Lamar Odom coming to the Knicks. This would be a fate worse than death. I am not even going to get into the basketball side of this, all I need to say about that is Lamar Odom is washed up. Im sticking strictly to the point, things would be horrific in this City if these damn Kardashians come to the east coast.



First off, we already are stuck with this Khloe and Lamar garbage. The last thing we need is to have it walking the streets of New York on a regular basis. But now Im going to go into a bit of speculation. Lamar Odom is from Queens, so wouldn’t Brooklyn be an even better choice for the Kardashians?



Not so fast, as we all know Kris Humphries, the former Mr. Kim Kardashian, is a vital member of those Brooklyn Nets. Of course Lamar going to the Nets would be some sort of conflict of interest. All right I’m done here, the fact that I know this much is starting to make me sick.