The Golden State Warriors will move from Oakland to San Francisco

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The Warriors will be moving across the bay, from Oakland to San Francisco. This move wont even be finalized till 2017. So why am I talking about it now? Because it has had a shocking amount of backlash. A lot of people on the web have been saying they will no longer support the team. They suggest that the Warriors are Oakland’s team, you take the team then the fans wont follow. I would understand that sentiment with the OAKLAND Raiders, because they have OAKLAND in their name. It is not the OAKLAND Warriors, they are the Golden State Warriors.



Maybe I just don’t get it because I am not from the Bay Area. If the Rangers and Knicks moved from Manhattan to Queens I wouldn’t be upset, I would actually be ecstatic that the teams would be closer……Although the more I think about the more I kind of get it. I spend a lot of my year in Queens, if the Mets left Queens for Manhattan I would be absolutely livid. Well now I am torn on the subject. What do you think? Throw in some comments to help me figure this one out.