Former Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni sheds light on his resignation

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Mike D’Antoni and Amare Stoudemire were a match made in heaven for the Knicks. Then they traded for Carmelo Anthony and everyone began to hate each other. So fast forward a year from the time of that trade and D’Antoni called it quits from the Knicks. Recently he spoke to Sports Illustrated about the decision while assuring he was not fired, lets get a little quote on.


“I absolutely resigned,” D’Antoni said. “I was in my car driving to shootaround and it just came to me. That’s it. It’s inevitable. I have to resign. We’re not going anywhere. I made the decision then and there. I called Glen [Grunwald, the Knicks' general manager] and told him that I was coming in to do it. Then I called Laurel [his wife] to tell her. Glen called in Mr. Dolan [Knicks owner James Dolan] and I met them after shootaround and told them that I was resigning.”



Well there you have it. He saw the sinking ship that was the Knicks and decided to let Mike Woodson be the new captain. The decision ended up benefitting the Knicks as Woody sailed his team into the postseason. Although they did get killed by the Heat…..well were looking at it glass half full.