Reggie Miller makes Knicks fans cry, while Blind Melon’s music pulls at the heart strings

Keywords: blind melon, no rain, reggie miller eight points in 9 seconds, pacers knicks playoffs



The 90′s were full of one hit wonders and songs where most people wouldn’t even recognize the artist. Blind Melon had the unfortunate faith of falling into that category, not for lack of talent however. Shannon Hoon was the lead singer of the band, until he died from a cocaine overdose. That seemed to happen a lot in the 90′s. No Rain happened to be there hit that didn’t slip by the ears of fans. While the song has a sad tone and meaning, it still happens to be one of my favorite pieces ever. I figured a melancholy tune would go perfectly with our incredibly unfortunate memory.



Reggie Miller. A name that makes Knicks fans sick to their stomachs. I was too young to really see him assert his dominance over the Knickerbockers, but even seeing him commentate on t.v. today makes me cringe. You don’t get that kind of hatred without breaking the hearts of fans. Watch on to see what he did.



8 points in 9 seconds. Well 8.9 seconds but who is really counting. The Pacers trailed 105-99 with 18 seconds to go, and they didn’t even need overtime to beat the Knicks. Reggie Miller drains a three off of Mark Jackson’s (former Johnny) inbound pass. And then he gets a steal and another three. And then after John Starks miss two free throws for the Knicks, Miller hit both of his shots from the charity stripe. The Knicks would go on to lose the series in seven.