The New Jersey Nets are officially the Brooklyn Nets, or they are going to be… year

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The Nets are still in New Jersey. As everyone knows they will be playing in Brooklyn next year. Apparently this only became official today. The New Jersey Nets relocation bid was unanimously voted for, and Brooklyn will be the next home of the team that Jay-z kind of owns. Despite the city change the team is still pretty bad. And they are set to be worse if Deron Williams does happen to leave. That would make Mr. Kardashian, Kris Humphries, the only notable play for Brooklyn. As things are right now there really is not a whole lot to be excited about. So with that I give you something to be excited about. The Beastie Boys.

Thats all I got. If the Beastie Boys cant get you excited for Brooklyn then nothing will. And considering that the Beastie Boys are pushing 60 years old I doubt they can really get you going. Don’t anticipate many Knicks fans switching sides at this rate.