Reactions to the posterization that Blake Griffin thrust upon Pau Gasol

Keywords: pau gasol, blake griffin dunk, twitter reactions, andrew bynum

First off, look at the bottom right hand corner of the picture. That is Andrew Bynum and his face immediately shows how nasty the Griffin dunk was. Personally, hell not even personally, the dunk was a blatant offensive foul. Griffin elbowed Pau in the face and pushed off of him. But no one is going to question it now because it looked awesome. But Pau said it best;


“Big win tonight against our neighbors! Great to see Andrew back, healthy and playing so well. I take wins over highlights anyday! #GoLakers”


Gasol knows what is really important. His team got the win, Griffin got the highlight. Pau has two rings, Blake has never come close to a postseason. Now a bunch of other “players” took to twitter when they saw the dunk. Most of them are guys that I didn’t even know were still in the league. It says a lot when washed up NBA players are the only one tweeting about the dunk. Also important to note, Pau Gasol and Tim Duncan did not actually form a Jazz band mid game.