Blake Griffin practically turned Pau Gasol into a practice cone last night

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Here are the videos of last nights matchup between the Clippers and the Lakers that everyone is talking about.   Griffin blatant with the offensive fouls, but he got himself on the highlight reel and has the entire internet abuzz this morning over these 2 clips.


This first dunk is my favorite-   if you keep an eye on Griffin, he was like a shark just hovering there above the paint,  you can see him twitching as soon as Foye released that 3, he knew exactly how that play was finishing before Foye even realized he was getting the ball.



Pau Gasol took the high road here and ultimately walked away with the win.  I don’t think Blake Griffin is taking any of this to heart, the guy is just a monster and he’s going to keep doing this stuff for as long as he can get away with it.   Griffin is doing what he gets paid to do, and Gasol took it rather professionally-  I know there are a few players in the league who would have bounced up and turned that into an ugly battle.