Something about Mike Miller just doesn’t look right

Keywords: mike miller, memphis grizzlies, miami heat, nba 2k12, brian scalabrine


This is Mike Miller with the Memphis Grizzlies. Look how happy he is. His hair is long and there is not a care in the world. Plus he was having seasons where he scored 18 points a game. There was plenty to smile about for the young Mike Miller. But then……


This happened. Mike Miller went from a happy go lucky young gun to a tatted up, short haired creepy looking guy. With a poor excuse for a beard, or mustache, whatever that is. My friend and i stumbled upon this new Mike Miller while playing NBA 2k12. We argued for a solid 3 minutes about whether or not that was actually the Miller we had known and loved. Not only did he look terrifying, but he also wasn’t able to drain threes anymore. It is a darn shame, he used to be an video game all star. Now he is just another bench warming Brian Scalabrine.