Kentucky vs. Kansas, Wildcats vs. Jayhawks, the NCAA season will come to an end Monday night

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So we have our final matchup. The basketball season will come to an end with either the Kentucky Wildcats or the Kansas Jayhawks. Quite frankly I was really set on having Louisville win the finals to keep making the Big East look good, but alas that is no longer an option. For some reason Rick Pitino of Louisville said he will be rooting for Kentucky, I doubt the fans will be too happy about that. Anyway back to the matchup, my prediction is like everybody else’s in the country, I got Kentucky beating Kansas.



Anthony Davis, dude is hideous. But he doesn’t need looks that kill, his basketball skills do all the talking. He will be the reason Kentucky win the championship. He has more blocks then any other player in the NCAA, with that he pulls down 10 boards a game while dropping 14 points. The force that is Anthony Davis will be the first overall pick in the NBA draft. Hopefully though the Bobcats wont be rewarded for their mediocrity because it would be a damn shame to have his talents wasted by Charlotte. Whether or not it is the Bobcats who end up getting Davis, Monday will be a chance for the whole nation to see what this kid can do.