Pretty fly for a white guy

Keywords: paul sturgess. harlem globetrotters, 7’8 dunk, flatfoot dunk


Paul Sturgess is a 24 year old kid from the United Kingdom playing for the Harlem Globetrotters measuring in at 7’8,  shown in this video (almost) flat foot dunking like it’s no big deal.


bet I take this in a completely different direction than you thought I would.



What’s with that tough guy rim grab? You’re a Harlem Globetrotter dude, show me you’re excited, not that you want to murder a family-  seriously, what was that scary face all about?    Cool man, we get it, you’re 7’8 and it’s easy for you to dunk. wooooo intimidating.    Now do me a favor and reach into your bag-of-ogre-tricks and pull out something other than a 1 handed baby jam-    You wanna impress me?   I need to see some real life TURBO Acrodunks 3-4 times every quarter like this guy below



Oooh you’re 7’8? New league policy says you need to complete a 3 front flip minimum before you can put the ball in the net-  just like coach used to do with us to help build our passing game, except it’s front flips for you big guy!  you’re gig is up, you need to start wow’ing people or we’re shipping you back to the UK