Stephon Marbury leads the Beijing Ducks to the glory land

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Stephon Marbury truly has had one odd career. His time with the Knicks was forgetable to say the least while his tenure in the NBA has become tainted after a soiled ending in New York. But Steph was never really a bad guy. His only problems were on the court, with his coaches. Those coaches happened to be some of the worst in Knicks history, Larry Brown, Isaiah Thomas, and Mike D’Antoni. So as Steph leads his Chinese team, the Beijing Ducks, to a championship I only have admiration for the man known as Starbury.


In the game Marbury lead the Ducks with 41 points as they beat the reigning champs 124-121. He has led the Ducks on and off the court during his time in Beijing. People seem to forget that Steph is a good person, they complained about his contract and lack of production. But while in New York Steph donated 4 million dollars to the NYPD, FDNY, EMT, and the New York City teachers fund. He also donated money following the events of September 11th and Hurricane Katrina. And on top of all that, Steph endorsed the $14.98 Starbury sneakers. These shoes are sold throughout the world for this small price, helping kids wear shoes from a famous player at an affordable price. So once again I will say it, congrats Steph, I am happy for you.