There have been talks about NBA jerseys having ads on them, good or bad?

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The NBA has their owner meetings coming up in April, one topic of conversation will be placing ads on the jerseys. This may be one of the worst proposed ideas I have ever heard. Most of the world has already succumbed to being walking billboards, Futbol teams all over Europe have their sponsors name plastered on their jerseys. Just look at the picture of Fernando Torres holding his Chelsea kit. A tiny little patch for his team and the word Samsung smacked right across the front. Do you really want to see your New York Knicks with the word Chase Bank on their uniforms? Elton Brand of the 76ers joked that some players are saying things such as the “Kentucky Fried Jazz.” If the players don’t respect the idea, neither will the fans.


As a fan I could never wear a jersey that is sponsoring some company. I wear my Rangers jersey to show that I support my squad, not to tell people that I love Verizon Wireless. The NHL, MLB, NFL, and of course NBA should never even consider this idea. Some of these teams have had the same design for over 100 years. Are we really about to change that just to make money? Unfortunately in the end this is a decision that the owners will make. Most of them don’t care enough about history or heritage and I feel as if there is a chance they will butcher the last remaining unadvertised space.