While most peoples brackets have all but collapsed, a certain someones still remains top tier

Keywords: brackets, march madness, ohio state, cincinnati

Most people say that those that know a great deal about college basketball end up making the worst brackets. They tend to over think every matchup while the average person may just pick a school because they like their mascot. Either I know a lot less about the sport then I thought, or the experts really do know best. Normally I don’t like to brag, but there is something about having an entire section of your bracket thats perfect that is just so aesthetically pleasing. My east remains a clean 14 for 14. I had the Cincinnati upsets and their eventual loss to Ohio State. That Ohio State team needs to beat the 1 seeded Syracuse in order for me to complete the perfect East. I have no idea what it means, but ESPN tells me that I am among the top 80,000 brackets while only 1.3% of the nation has a better bracket. In the end, it means nothing, but I do strive for the perfection.