Wilson Chandler makes his return to the NBA after his long trip to China

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This one almost slipped right by me. I had no idea Wilson Chandler was back in the NBA, and I probably wouldn’t have known until if not for Alan Hahn tweeting his return. Before we get into his play for the Nuggets last night, it is important to note that Chandler got a beautiful contract. He signed a 5 year deal worth 37 million dollars. I’m not sure how a signing like this goes under the radar but I guess with all the Peyton Manning news in Denver nobody really cares the Nuggets signing a 6th man.


Wilson Chandler pretty much played like a guy that has been in China for half a year. He had 13 points, but it took him 16 shots to get there. He had 4 rebounds, 2 assist, and a team high 2 steals. Much like he did during his days with the Knicks, Chandler was the first man off the bench for the Nuggets. He played more minutes than most of the Nuggets starters with 28.


With Chandlers return, he is reunited with former Knicks teammates Danilo Gallinari and Timofey Mozgov. All three players were involved in the trade to bring Carmelo Anthony to New York. I much rather have the other three, but that is a story for another day. And just a suggestion, do not bother following Chandler on twitter because you will not be able to understand a word he says.