While most NBA superstars are begging for trades, Pau Gasol just wants to stay put in the troublesome Laker Land

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Most of the NBA season trade talk has surrounded Dwight Howard and his preference to play anywhere but Orlando. But as of late the focus has been around Lakers forward Pau Gasol who has been left wondering where he will be ever since the Chris Paul trade fell through. Gasol has been less then happy with management, asking for an answer one way or another. Kobe Bryant backed him up saying management needs to either move him or let him know he is going to stay in Los Angeles.


The Lakers have been surrounded with controversy ever since commissioner David Stern nixed their Chris Paul trade due to “Basketball Reasons.” Mike Brown has taken over for the Zen Master Phil Jackson and the players have yet to adapt to the new coaching style. Both Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace (even he forgets his own name change, sometimes referring to himself as Ron Artest,) have openly come out with strong words aqgainst coach Brown.

For the first time literally ever, the Lakers may be the second biggest show in the basketball city. The Clippers who landed Christ Paul happen to also be ahead of the Lakers in the standings. Blake Griffin is plastered all over Sportscenter and Kia commercials. Now the Lakers are still one of the top contenders to come out of the Western Conference. They currently sit in 5th place, one spot behind the Clippers. The trade deadline is March 15th, after that we shall see if the Lakers are a Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant team or something completely different.