Kevin Durant gets the first 50 point game in the NBA this season, with Russell Westbrook not far behind

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The Oklahoma City Thunder (formally my Seattle Supersonics) accomplished something that no other team has done. Ever. In the history of the NBA. A combination of sensational performances by the Durantula, Westbrook, and Serge “IBLOCKYA” Ibaka got the Thunder a 124-118 overtime win against the slumping Nuggets. This was the first time that a team had one player score 50, another score 40, and yet another have a triple double.


While Durant’s 51 and Westbrook’s 40 were pretty impressive, they don’t come anywhere near what Serge Ibaka did. Now players get triple doubles all the time. They don’t usually do it though by getting 11 blocks. That is correct, IBLOCKYA sent back 11 Nuggets shots. That is pretty amazing, especially when combined with his 14 points and 15 rebounds. Denver has been Thunderstruck.


I mean I couldn’t not add AC/DC when I’m throwing in all these Thunderstruck references. Chances are you will be hearing this song quite often this NBA season anyway, the Thunder are my favorites to come out of the Western Conference this year.