Another trip to the past, this week with a team that doesn’t even exist anymore

Keywords: seattle supersonics, sonic the hedgehog

Much like last week with the Raptors, this jersey represents the mind of kid growing up in the 90′s. A giant Raptor plastered on was cool for all the kids that loved dinosaurs, but for those little guys that didn’t know any better they thought the Supersonics were named after their favorite blue blur. Sonic the Hedgehog had absolutely nothing to do with basketball. But whenever you would hear someone reference the team from the rainy city, I would think of the Sega poster boy….hedgehog, whatever. Besides the nostalgia, these are also some pretty slick jerseys, the grosser the color scheme the cooler things were. And nothing is more awesome than Christmas everyday, as the Supersonics wore their green and red digs.