The Knicks experienced their first loss of the Jeremy Lin era, falling to the Hornets 89-85

Keywords: hornets, knicks, first loss, jeremy lin, turnovers

Like most good things, the Knicks 7 game winning streak has finally come to an end. Most expected the first loss to come against the Mavericks this sunday, but somehow the worst team in the Western Conference was responsible for taking down the Lin dynasty. The Hornets were on Lin like….well like a swarm of Hornets. They forced Lin into committing a career high 9 turnovers. But you cant win every game, the streak had to end eventually.


This was a game where the Knicks never had a lead, not for one second. Mentally it takes a toll on the team trying to play catch up all night. Many of the turnovers came due to the team forcing some passes, those will happen more often when your are trying to even up a score. The Knicks are still just beginning to jell as a team, sometimes a loss is just part of the learning curve. Now normally I am incredibly pessimistic with my favorite franchises, but when you’re a Knicks fan having the team just a game under 500 is a blessing compared to the past 10 years. I like what I’m seeing and for once, I think they will be fine.