St. John’s grizzled veteran decides to call it quits midway through his junior season

Keywords: steve lavin, malik stith, st johns, norm roberts

Malik Stith of the St. John’s Red Storm has decided to withdraw from the basketball team. Stith was the longest tenured member of the Johnny’s; he was the only remaining player that had been recruited by former coach Norm Roberts. Head Coach Steve Lavin had this to say on the situation.

“For personal reasons Malik has chosen to no longer participate as a member of our basketball team. Beginning next week he will instead take on a role as a student-assistant and continue working toward completing his St. John’s degree.”

Stith had played more then 20 minutes just 5 times this season. The loss of Stith puts an already weak St. John’s rotation to just 6 players. He had been averaging 2.7 points per game this year.

His teammates affectionately referred to Malik as “pops”. He was raised on Long Island and attended high school at Bridgton Academy in Maine. Hopefully Malik is able to enjoy his remaining time on campus and get the degree that he is after.