For the best explanation of American sports, we simply go to Taiwan

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So the Taiwanese have these videos they put out every time something interesting happens in American sports. I’m not sure if these are meant to be a joke or this is actually how they attempt to cover our culture. Plus I’m pretty sure some of the kanji in there is Japanese, not taiwanese. But then again I know nothing of the Taiwanese language. Anyway, this actually the best explanation I think I’ve ever seen about Ron Artest, this is what happens when ESPN is your only other source.

The Chrish Bosh Cowface is my favorite so far

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So this makes animal #3 right?   First the velociraptor, then the ostrich, and now…..  We’re presented with this,  in all its glory:   the Chris Bosh Cowface.    Goddammit I love the Internet!

Feuding “rappers” get Tony Parker of the Spurs involved

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Umm, I’m really not sure where to start on this one. Heres the basketball part, Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs and the French national team has a scratched retina. This came after Chris Brown and Drake got into some sort of feud at a bar. Parker is apparently friends with Brown. Look, I’ll flat out say Chris Brown and Drake are both morons and I don’t really like their type of “music.” Luckily Parker gave us a little bit of quote to hold us over until more news breaks.

“I was with my friend Chris Brown and me and my friends took some punches, so I’ll be missing the start of the French team because I can’t do anything for a week except keep the lens in and then take drops.”


Oh yea, he also gave up that. Yep, he divorced Eva Longoria. Further shows why a guy making millions is spending his time getting punched by Drake. Not too much in the head.


Kobe Bryant of the Lakers has the most famous jersey in all the world

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Of all the NBA players in the world, Kobe Bryant is the one that has the most value. This was news to me, I was almost positive it would be Lebron James. But no, apparently the Bryant 24 Lakers jersey is the hottest selling jersey in all the world. Strangely, Lebron isn’t even second, that nod goes to Derrick Rose who also happened to be the leading jersey seller in America. Lebron finished in third, while Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard rounded out the top 5.



Many of these names are shockers to me. First off D-Rose at second. Rose is a sensational player, but he barely touched the floor this past season. Not only that, he has one of the most bland personalities of any player in the game. Kevin Garnett? Over in the states most people hate KG. The fact he made the top 5 in international sales is something I still cant wrap my head around. But hey, I guess the people of the world know what they want.

No unexpected results after last nights game

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In the NBA the better team usually wins in a best of 7 series. That might just be the reason the NBA postseason is considered the least exciting of the 4 major sports. To go with that theme, all the favorites won last night. The Thunder beat the Mavs, the Pacers beat the Magic, and of course the Heat killed the Knicks again. Even with the Bulls losing the reigning MVP, they are still expected to not only beat the 76ers, but sweep them.


The lack of early round parody leads to lots of sleeper series. The Knicks are clearly no match for the Heat. The top seeded Spurs should be done with the Jazz in a couple of days. When the Canucks got beat by the 8 seed Kings a week ago nobody blinked an eye. But if the 76ers or Jazz managed an upset then a lot of people would be losing there jobs.



know I’m supposed to say that the NBA playoffs are the best thing since sliced bread. But to be honest I rather have a peanut butter sandwich on that bread then watch some of these games. But it is still early, and the later rounds are usually great once it actually has the best teams in there. For now though, I’ll keep hitting the snooze until those later rounds begin.

Mike Woodson and the Knicks live to see another day

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Phew, that was a game I have been waiting for all postseason from the Knicks. Now while it might be too little too late, the Knickerbockers finally broke through against Miami forcing the Heat to take it to game 5. The Knicks did not shoot the lights out and they often looked as inadequete as usual. But Melo put the team on his back while dropping 41 points. And Amare even contributed a double double with his busted and bandaged hand, and in case you wanted to see the damage, this is what it looked like before being wrapped up.



Now the series is still 3-1 Miami. And the Knicks havex a lot to worry about after todays game. I can not stress enough how important this warning is. DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF SQUEAMISH. Baron Davis had his knee pretty much explode, he is done for what may be a long time. To pile on more bad, J.R. Smith shot just 3-15. He air balled multiple shots while absolutely bricking others off the backboard. It was actually more nauseating then the Davis injury.



So the point guard job is now that of Michael Bibby. Unless….could it be…..Jeremy Lin? There were rumbles of it throughout the game that Lin could potentially make a return if the Knicks were able to force a game 5. You wonder though if you really want a guys first game back be an elimination game against one of the best teams in the NBA. But hey, at this point the Knicks need to go all in, no team in the NBA has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit. If New York will be the first, they are going to need to take some gambles.

J.R. Smith inks a two year deal to return to the Knickerbockers

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J.R. Smith has signed on for another two seasons with the New York Knicks. After spending parts of last season in China, Smith joined the Knicks midway through their season and came off the bench. Now, with the loss of Landry Fields, most anticipate Smith being the starting shooting guard. The deal is worth $2.8 million and the second year is a player option.



So a couple of weeks ago when Smith opted out of his Knicks contract I was pretty happy. I really thought he would be on his way out of here, and I had no qualms with that. There were too many games last season where Smith came off the bench and chucked up shot after shot, which would be all good and well if he was hitting them. I just don’t see how an offensive shooting guard fits on a team with Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, and Jeremy Lin. Those are three guys that demand the ball, it is about time the Knicks put some guys on their roster that can prevent the other team from scoring.