The Brooklyn Nets will host the Knicks to open up the Barclays Center

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Ever since the Nets left New Jersey, fans in Brooklyn have been looking forward to this night. On November 1, the Barclays Center will be host to the New York Knicks, as Brooklyn opens up their new home. This rivalry has lacked flair in the past few years….well actually the Knicks and Nets have really never had a great rivalry. That has changed this offseason, as both teams have been trash talking the other as posturing begins to take over New York.



As good as this looks on paper, this may not be the best matchup for either team to begin their season. The Knicks and Nets are both works in progress. Both teams have lots of players that have never played together, not to mention a whole lot of new found pressure. This has all the makings of being a clunky and ugly-looking game. Not the best way to open up your new stadium.

Mike Woodson has propelled the Knicks to 4 straight victories, but is this really what they needed?

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I have never been more disgusted with a four game winning streak that has produced numerous blowouts. It is clear that the Knicks quit on Mike D’Antoni. The head coach should not have to resign before the team decides they actually want to try to win. Now some credit does have to go to new coach Mike Woodson. Woodson is a defensive minded coach with a system very different than D’Antoni. As much as I respect the work of Woodson, his presence should not have made the difference in the Knicks becoming a contender again. Yesterday I came across an article by John Shmeelk of CBS Sports. The following quote is from that piece, and it has a bit of a startling connotation.


“Anthony said over the last three games, his focus “was to have an energy that I haven’t had so far this season.” “Especially on the defensive end,” Anthony said. “Everybody on this team knows, everybody in the world knows I can score the basketball. It’s not that important to me. As far as on the defensive end, just showing my teammates that the effort is there, giving that extra effort. And as a result, everybody’s been feeding off of that.”


Again thank you to Shmeelk for bringing this to the attention of Knicks fans. This quote really does say a lot about Carmelo Anthony. He plain and simply admits that he was not giving a full effort under coach D’Antoni. This is the face of the Knicks franchise, this is the man that the Knicks traded their entire team to acquire, and this guy has the audacity to only play hard when it is convenient for him. I could go on and on berating Melo for his selfishness, but at this point everything speaks for itself. On an attempt to be positive (or negative depending on how you look at it) Toney Douglas finally saw some action for the Knickerbockers. Nothing showed up in the stat line but he did look like he was giving his 100%, something we cant say for some Knicks.

76ers squeak by the Bulls and head to the 2nd round for first time since ’03

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The Bulls had the game in theirs hands with just seconds to go. And  then they lost it by missing two free throws. This is something has haunted them all year, Derrick Rose was the ringleader of missing clutch free throws. The culprit tonight was Omer Asik. Theres actually supposed to be a couple of dots above his name but I don’t know how to do that kooky stuff on my keyboard.


So where Asik failed, Andre Iguodala succeeded. He made his free throws 2 seconds to go and led the 76ers on to the second round of the postseason. This was only the 5th time in NBA history that an 8 seed upset a 1 seed. In all fairness to the Bulls however they were without their MVP DRose and Joakim Noah was playing beat up. But championships aren’t won on paper, so the 76ers will head to the next round to face Boston Celtics.


You know I always forget how much I’m supposed to hate the 76ers. They are a Philly team but they are just so damn irrelevant in that town. And in the end, I guess I rather see them win over the Celtics.

The one good thing about the Sacramento Kings franchise

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The Sacramento Kings are awful, have always been awful, and will always be awful. And to make matters worse, the one good thing they ever did was quickly scrapped. The powder blue Kings jerseys are awesome. Personally powder blue is my favorite color on any jersey. The fact that they don’t still wear these is incredibly disappointing. Even more frustrating was the odyssey I went on in order to find a picture of it in action, and even the one I found wasn’t the ideal size. As angry as I am at the Kings right now, I’m glad that at one point they did have these sick uniforms.

The newest member of the Knicks talks about his role in New York

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There is no forgetting who the Knicks had running the point last season. Now that Linsanity is over, the Knicks have put together a bit of a motley crew of point guards. One of those men is the 35 year old of European fame, the Argentinian Pablo Prigioni. In an interview with the New York Post, Prigioni gave the Knicks fans an idea of what to expect.



“I think we have at that position everything, Raymond can score more. Jason and [I] can run the team. I feel we have many options at that position. Fans will be happy and enjoy our game.”


“Jeremy is more a scorer. He likes to shoot more. I saw him play 10 games. I’m not this kind of player. I like the team to play good, pass the ball, find open shots. I like to play smart — if someone’s hot, pass the ball to him.”

The Australian women have one of the best highlights of the Olympics

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The Australian women were apparently a favorite among the women’s basketball bracket. Down 3 to France, a last second heave was their only chance of even tying the game. And boom, the Aussie absolutely nailed the shot from half court. Lets just ignore the fact that they ended up losing the game in overtime. You can watch the clip here.

Patrick Ewing was informed he would not be the next coach of the Bobcats

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The Charlotte Bobcats are coming off the worst season in the history of the NBA. They had all just 7 wins out of the 66 games they played. And according to the Bobcats, they do not think Patrick Ewing could make things better for the Cats. We wont get into all the draft lottery drama of the Bobcats, this is really about Ewing.



Patrick Ewing is arguably one of the greatest Knicks of all time. He has done his dues as an assistant coach and is more then deserving of a head coaching position. So why no to Ewing? As we know he worked so extensively with Dwight Howard, and even after that Howard is still a brat who has zero loyalty. Maybe the concern that if Ewing cant control just one player, it would be near impossible for him to control a whole team. Those are just my thoughts.