For the best explanation of American sports, we simply go to Taiwan

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So the Taiwanese have these videos they put out every time something interesting happens in American sports. I’m not sure if these are meant to be a joke or this is actually how they attempt to cover our culture. Plus I’m pretty sure some of the kanji in there is Japanese, not taiwanese. But then again I know nothing of the Taiwanese language. Anyway, this actually the best explanation I think I’ve ever seen about Ron Artest, this is what happens when ESPN is your only other source.

The Big Man wasted no time in shooting down that opportunity

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Well, that was quick.   Word just broke today that the Orlando Magic were interested in adding Shaquille O’Neal to their coaching staff-  only to be shot down by the Diesel himself.    The NBA site reports that Shaq has personally declined the offer, stating that he wishes to continue his career in broadcasting.



Shaq said in a statement:  “When I first heard about the vacancy for the Orlando Magic general manager position, I was clearly intrigued.”  “I was drafted by the Magic, I have a great love for the franchise, and I have made the city of Orlando my home.  Additionally, I have great admiration and respect for the DeVos family.  However, this is not a job I have an interest in pursuing.  I feel very fortunate to be with TNT and to have the best job in sports.  I look forward to many more years with Charles, Kenny and E.J.  I wish the best for the Magic and I am confident that they will select a great GM and coach.”


This guy is no dummy-  He’s getting paid the big bucks to sit in a chair and talk Basketball. No levels of stress, safety in job security, and he gets treated like a king every time he walks on a set.  No brainer.  I’d sit there in my suit making a couple million bucks as opposed to getting thrown to the lions den in Orlando any day of the week.   Smart choice Shaq!

John Starks dunks hard over Jordan and the Bulls, can he get much higher?

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John Starks is the star of arguably the most famous play in the history of the Knicks. In 1993 the Knickerbockers hosted the Bulls in the playoffs as they so often did. Starks would be the beneficiary of a screen by Patrick Ewing that led to a massive dunk. The dunk happened to be over Horace Grant and Michael Jordan. Now this is made extra special by the fact Jordan had done this to the Knicks on several occasions, one of which being the low point in Patrick Ewings career. A highlight he can not escape. Luckily Knicks fans have this play in their back pocket if a Bulls fan ever tries talking trash.


I was going to use I believe I can fly, but that would be way too easy. I did not go with the cliche song, somehow I have a friend that likes Creed. And somehow I have to admit they have quite the catchy rock ballad from 1999. So that is how I found the song I really wanted to go with. Higher goes perfectly with the Starks Dunk. The chorus is simple, “can you take me higher?” I am quite sure that Starks could not have taken his team any higher then he did on that dunk.

Kyrie Irving and Pepsi Max team up to provide us with some good laughs

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Now that’s some damn good makeup!   and some damn good marketing!  I absolutely loved this clip-  awesome idea by the marketing department over at Pepsi Max.    I could watch professional athletes toy around with everyday Joe’s in any sport, all day long.   Just nothing funnier than seeing just how good these guys are in real life- it’s quick to throw jabs at a guy who doesn’t perform in the NBA-   but you take that same guy and put him in a streetball game and he’s gonna light that place on fire.



I have to be honest,  I’m really really liking Kyrie.   I admit I didn’t follow him closely throughout the year, or post many articles on this site about him-  but after his recent Rookie of the Year crowning, and now the endless wave of highlight videos and advertisements,  this kid is definitely winning me over.    I’m no NBA All Star,  but I’m sure adding 20 pounds of cosmetics and wardrobe has got to weigh you down a bit, but Kyrie didn’t show any signs of slowing up, besides the fact that he looked like he was 75.

The Black Mamba and the Rookie of the Year go one on one

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Kyrie Irving has found himself in quite a bit of trouble. He challenges Kobe Bryant, 5 time champion Kobe Bryant, 14 time All Star Kobe Bryant, to a game of one on one. The loser of this game will have to donate 50k to the winners charity of choice. All good and well, except Irving doesn’t quite have as much money in the bank as the Black Mamba does. The video contains two minutes of pure trash talking between the NBA superstars at team USA training camp.

The Knicks get grizzled veteran Jason Kidd to join the club

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I know it is my job to figure out the things going around the NBA, especially with the Knicks. But the past few days have just been insane for the Knickerbockers and it keeps getting crazier. With that we introduce Jason Kidd as the newest member of the New York Knicks. Kidd had some of the best years of his career over in New Jersey playing for the Nets. Now he has joined their cross river (well now cross town) rival.



Kidd in may be a sign that Lin is out. If the Knicks do decided to match the colossal offer the Rockets gave Lin, then Kidd will obviously be the backup. However if Lin heads out west then we may see the return of Raymond Felton to the Knicks in what would most likely be a platoon at the point. I like all three guys, I got my Felton jersey hanging in my closet and I would love to break it out again. But if it is between him and Lin, of course I rather have Lin. However for the massive price tag it may do the Knicks best to go with Sweet Baby Ray and the Kidd.

Justin Burrell of St. John’s fame earns an overseas honor

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The past few weeks have been very kind to last years St. John’s seniors. D.J. Kennedy recently made his debut with the Cavs of the NBA, and now Justin Burrell has been named MVP of the Japanese Professional League. He led his team, the Yokohama B-Corsairs to a 31-21 record while averaging 18.7 points. I dug a little further and used a semesters worth of Japanese to also discover that he averaged 10 rebounds and 2 assist a game.


It is always cool when you see guys you watched at school do well. To be honest though I don’t have too many memories of Burrell from last season. That being said, I am still glad to see that he is representing St. John’s proudly. And I am glad that the Japanese I learned at St. John’s is actually paying off.