The Los Angeles Lakers win the Steve Nash sweepstakes

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While the Knicks and Raptors were arguing about Landry Fields, the Los Angeles Lakers snuck up and grabbed Steve Nash. Now this means quite a number of things. The Lakers, already a top tier team in the west, now become even more of a title contender. This also means they may have lost interest in trading for Dwight Howard, as they only have so much money to go around. But all this is trivial to Knicks fans, there is a lot more important stuff going on in the Atlantic time zone.



Steve Nash, a two time MVP, a guy that Amare Stoudemire had his best years with, a player that really could have helped the Knicks. That said I am glad the Knicks stood their ground and opted against trading Iman Shumpert. Shump is a future all defensive team point guard. The kid has a ton of talent, and when you are good at defense, you can only get better. Unlike offense, defense doesn’t come in streaks, if you have the effort then you can only get better. And Shump will certainly continue to improve.

Ron Artest makes “The worst play I have ever seen in basketball”

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Skip to the one minute mark of the video to see the play that the Lakers announcer called, “the worst play I have ever seen in basketball.” Ron Metta World Artest Peace was the man inbounding the ball. Well he was supposed to be. According to coach Mike Brown it was a play that just didn’t go as planned. The Lakers did still end up winning the game, so no harm no foul. And if this is the worst thing Ron Artest does all year, most people will be happy. Keep watching to the end of the video to see an excellent (hilarious) job of journalism by the news channel airing the post game interview.

Steve Nash says goodbye to the Phoenix Suns

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This Steve Nash trade is everywhere today.  You can see it on some peoples faces that they’re just sour as all hell walking the streets of NY today. We all would have liked him, he’s an outstanding player, but we didn’t and I’m not beating myself up over it.  Lakers will be a pretty serious team this year with their latest roster moves no doubt.  Pretty pumped for the season to start already, and it only just ended a couple weeks ago.

Amar’e Stoudemire bares a striking resemblance to a popular assassin

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Back when Amar’e bashed his hand up punching a fire extinguisher, I remember seeing this picture and thinking he looked oddly familiar. So I saved it and kept moving along. The playoffs were busy over at HOOP so I didn’t have time to dwell on this. And then as I was going through my pictures recently I finally realized, he looks just like the guy from the Assassin’s Creed video game.


Seriously, it is almost like they are the same guy.

Despite winning a title, making fun of the Knicks is the first thing on Lebron’s agenda

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Lebron James and Dwyane Wade further showed why everybody hates the Miami Heat. Even after winning their championship they still insist on taking time to trash talk the teams they beat. Go to 6:30 of the video and you will hear Charles Barkley, DWade, and Lebron having a good laugh over the fact that people suggested the Knicks could be a competitive team. Guess Barkley must have forgotten the fact he never even came close to winning a ring. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Chuck.

Tony Allen of the Grizzlies with a Harlem Globetrotter like display

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First off, and most surprisingly, apparently Tony Allen is in the running for defensive player of the year. While he wont get it, the fact his name comes up at all in conversation is a shock. To me Tony Allen is that guy that my friend pity drafts when we play NBA2K. As in he picks him basically as a joke, much like I do with Mike Bibby. But hey, apparently Allen is actually a defensive ace.



Well not only is he a defensive ace, but he is also an offensive wizard. Take a look at the video to watch Allen work his magic. The most spectacular part of this play is that he didn’t get called for anything. I am almost positive that should be some type of travel.

St. John’s picks up its first win of the season against a ranked opponent

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Coming into todays matinée against Notre Dame, St. John’s had been winless against ranked teams, going 0-10. Something finally gave today and the Red Storm held on to defeat the 18 ranked Fighting Irish, 61-58. Freshman star Moe Harkless led the way for St. John’s; he dropped a game high 22 points while pulling down 9 rebounds. Many consider Harkless to be a potential NBA player, the hopes are he will stay at St. John’s for one more season and continue to rock the Garden.