Derrick Rose drops 32 as Knicks lose their 6th in a row

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The Knicks have lost 8 of 10 games since Carmelo Anthony has returned to the lineup. Melo was once again stagnant hitting just 8-21 shots. While his offense was subpar, his defense was even worse, as was that of the rest of the team. The Knicks allowed 22 offensive rebounds. The Bulls had 56 rebounds on the night, compared to just 38 for New York. The team is soft and as things stand right now, the Milwaukee Bucks and New Jersey Nets would make the postseason over the Knicks. It is not even worth going on a Melo rant, the stats speak for themselves that he is the problem. Tonights main issue was defense and two factors play into that.


Jared Jeffries, the man that everyone made fun of, the joke of the team, the worst statistical player in the NBA a year ago, this is the guy the Knicks need back. Jared has been out with an injury, and the Knicks defense has faltered even more so than usual. Jared does not care about his body, he takes every charge and draws offensive fouls to help his team get turnovers. He is the hardest defensive player on this team aside from Tyson Chandler. That is where my second point comes in. Tyson has been playing a bit injured, and without Jeffries backing him up, its impossible for him to be a one man show. And the worst part is, if neither Chandler nor Jeffries are on the court, well things will get ugly very fast.

The Black Mamba and the Rookie of the Year go one on one

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Kyrie Irving has found himself in quite a bit of trouble. He challenges Kobe Bryant, 5 time champion Kobe Bryant, 14 time All Star Kobe Bryant, to a game of one on one. The loser of this game will have to donate 50k to the winners charity of choice. All good and well, except Irving doesn’t quite have as much money in the bank as the Black Mamba does. The video contains two minutes of pure trash talking between the NBA superstars at team USA training camp.

Ron “Metta World Peace” Artest gets a Super Bowl shout out….sort of

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Most New Yorkers will remember this years Super Bowl for the Giants victory over the Patriots. Come to think of it, no one is really going to try to forget about the GMen win, except maybe the folks up in Boston. But for those who watched this game just for the festivities or because of some weird obsession with Madonna, there was a little extra twist to the halftime show.

Towards the end of the performance, the words “World Peace” were shined upon the super bowl stage. Most people didn’t really get the message quite right. Twitter blew up with people saying it was a shout out to St. John’s alum Ron Artest. The Lakers star has recently changed his name to Metta World Peace. As the tweets began trending, Artest himself reacted to the moment tweeting “Rotfl!! Lmao!!! Super Bowl World Peace!!!!!” followed by “I feel like kissing Madonna Lol.”

The original Superman, Shaquille Oneal

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Ahh the simplicity of the Spin Doctors. They were one of most fun bands back in the 90′s and it was due to them not trying too hard to get some hidden message across. Jimmy Olson’s Blues is a song about Superman’s pal Jimmy Olson. Olson of course doesn’t have any powers, and in the song he sends his appeal to the ladies that they don’t all need a Superman. But then again, Superman has many aliases, is one of them an NBA player?



Of course that was a segue setting us up to discuss the original Superman of the NBA, Shaquille Oneal. Shaq donned the name way before Dwight Howard was playing around in the cape. Under the nickname, Shaq became one of, if not THE, most dominant players of the 90′s. Although even when he was the best player out there, Shaq did have a Kryptonite, free throw shooting.

During my travels I came across a man with a very telling license plate

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Sitting in traffic on the Grand Central. I cant imagine anything I rather do less after taking in a beautiful afternoon Mets game with a couple of buddies. But then whips by this car to change the course of our long travels. I saw it and knew I must capture. I sent my friend flying through lanes in order for me to get a good shot.


My iphone technology paid off for the first time ever and I was able to flick this gem. The license plate reads “3 ptr” for those with weak eyes. To the left of the words are a New York Knicks logo. And an SL63 AMG that hits your pockets for a cool $140,000.    All those things add up to one thing. Steve Novak.

Steve Francis makes his debut as a rapper, brought to you by the Finer Things in life

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Steve Francis was always a character during his time in the NBA. Nicknamed Franchise, he was a cornerstone of the Rockets when he came into the association. While he often bickered with coaches, especially during his time with the Knicks, he was never a thug off the court and actually did his fair share of philanthropy. So now, as every NBA player does at some point, he is a rapper. His song the “Finer Things” at the very least shows he didn’t blow his money after his career ended, so I have to give him credit there. Also I could not bring myself to finish the song, but as far as I got it seemed like it was clean. Earmuffs on the kiddies just in case.

Former Portland Trailblazer Brandon Roy not ruling out a comeback

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Do not, I repeat do not call it a comeback. At least not yet, according to Brandon Roy. Roy was forced into retirement due to playing for the Portland Trailblazers who are cursed. Something in Oregon blows up the knees of all the Portland greats, and Roy could not avoid being one of them.



Now Roy says he is happily retired, and who wouldn’t be with a cute kid like that. But a return is not out of the question. QUOTE TIME!

“The thing about the situation that I’m in is that I can always come back if I choose to. Having that option is always a good thing for me. I’ve been in the gym working out with Tony Wroten and you just find out how fast you miss the game. In the back of my mind, maybe this is something I may do again.”


Nothing definitive from Roy, yet still an inkling of hope. Well maybe its more hope from my end. Brandon Roy was always one of my favorite players, and Portland always has a place in my heart. Even though they are cursed.