Iman Shumpert will be involved in this years Dunk Contest, among three other less than known names

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Rookie sensation Iman Shumpert will be participating in the upcoming NBA Dunk Contest during All Star Weekend. The cast features many players that the casual fan has probably never heard of. Paul George of the Pacers, Chase Budinger of the Rockets, and Derrik Williams of the Twovles round out the crew. This is one of the weakest dunk contest cast we have seen in years, Blake Griffin who won it last year has opted against defending his title. With very little effort being put into this, it may be about time the NBA nix the novelty act all together.

Couple of Sonic Zombies show their faces at Game 4

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There is no question that there are some angry and bitter fans back home in Seattle that are still furious over the fact that their hometown team was ripped away from them and shipped out to Oklahoma City.   These guys dressed as the Sonic Zombies,  attending Game 4 to avenge the death of their beloved team- by rooting for the Miami Heat to ensure Oklahoma never gets the satisfaction of an NBA Championship.

Charles Barkley sports lipstick and a dress to show that men too can lose weight with Weight Watchers

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So two or three years ago Charles Barkley was the spokesmen for the Taco Bell 5 buck box. The commercial was actually pretty well done and quotable, but Chuck is a big man, so a fast food spot doesn’t really do too much for him. So now he is dressed in drag to promote Weight Watchers. When I first saw this commercial come up I was terrified, mainly because Barkley looks damn good in a dress. Gotta give him credit though, he did look slimmer and he claimed to have lost about 40 pounds. So hey, if Chuck can make it work then so can you… long as you ditch the Taco Bell.

Even with that, there is still one thing up for debate. Chuck looks classy in both commercials. But the Taco Bell one has him reciting poetry. Somehow Taco Bell gets the nod of the classier commercial, an award I doubt they will ever receive again.

Calls us all haters.   Ok.  If you say so.

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There it is D Wade!   You told them.   Strutting up to that microphone wearing your tight pink pants all confidently-  throwing a jab that you think makes you sound cool.    It didn’t, all it did was pretty much just annoy everyone even more.

I wish I could say the rest of the interview was enjoyable,  but I turned it off as soon as Lebron started giggling like a little school girl at D Wades joke.



Stay tuned for the next round of Playoffs when Wade rolls out his latest fashions.   Have a safe weekend everyone!  Happy Memorial Day.   Be safe, designate a driver, wear protection and all that good stuff responsible adults usually say.

There is a good chance Odom will be playing in the Staples Center next year

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For the first time ever I am able to write about Lamar Odom without mentioning the Kardashians. Well never mind…..I just blew that one. Anyway, here is why there is no need to mention that family, Odom may actually give us some basketball related news soon! The Clippers are in play to bring the big man in, a move that would work for Odom considering how badly he wants to leave the Dallas area. Sure the Lakers would be supreme for him, but the Clippers are the next best thing to keep him from crying.

Jason Kidd gets arrested after a drunken car crash

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The Knicks brought Jason Kidd to the team in order to mentor Jeremy Lin. Well now that it appears Lin is on his way out, Kidd must have thought it was okay to ignore the fact he was still a basketball player. So like any logical man without a job, he got drunk and crashed his car into a pole. Luckily he was alone and nobody else got hurt. Although unfortunately this wasn’t the first time Kidd has been arrested. Back in 2001 he faced charges after domestic abuse against his then wife. Yup, the Knicks picked up a perfect guy to mentor their young kids.

Steve Francis makes his debut as a rapper, brought to you by the Finer Things in life

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Steve Francis was always a character during his time in the NBA. Nicknamed Franchise, he was a cornerstone of the Rockets when he came into the association. While he often bickered with coaches, especially during his time with the Knicks, he was never a thug off the court and actually did his fair share of philanthropy. So now, as every NBA player does at some point, he is a rapper. His song the “Finer Things” at the very least shows he didn’t blow his money after his career ended, so I have to give him credit there. Also I could not bring myself to finish the song, but as far as I got it seemed like it was clean. Earmuffs on the kiddies just in case.