The Washington Wizards new jerseys are eerily similar to the team they share a building with

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Ted Leonis is the owner to the Washington Wizards. He also happens to own the NHL team, the Washington Capitals. The Caps have had their current jerseys for quite a few years, and Leonis has adapted that design to his Wizards. The Wizards are an awful team, the Caps have been pretty good in the past few years. My thinking is that Leonis is a marketing genius, the Caps are whats big in D.C. so he decided to make the Wizards look just like them. Unfortunately these slick jerseys have seen very, very, very few wins.

Heat PA announcers calls the Amare foul out with very little class

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I didn’t pay too close attention to the Knicks elimination game. Once things started to seem obvious I put my focuses to the equally disappointing Rangers game. What I missed was a bush league move by Miami announcer Michael Baiamonte. When Amare Stoudemire fouled out of the game, Baiamonte decided to say that Amare ” has been extinguished from the game.” An obvious allusion to Amare and his battle with the fire extinguisher.


All right, if it wasn’t a team I hate and if it wasn’t against the Knicks I would probably find this hysterical. But it was so I am going to berate this announcer as a classless jerk.

Kobe Bryant of the Lakers has the most famous jersey in all the world

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Of all the NBA players in the world, Kobe Bryant is the one that has the most value. This was news to me, I was almost positive it would be Lebron James. But no, apparently the Bryant 24 Lakers jersey is the hottest selling jersey in all the world. Strangely, Lebron isn’t even second, that nod goes to Derrick Rose who also happened to be the leading jersey seller in America. Lebron finished in third, while Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard rounded out the top 5.



Many of these names are shockers to me. First off D-Rose at second. Rose is a sensational player, but he barely touched the floor this past season. Not only that, he has one of the most bland personalities of any player in the game. Kevin Garnett? Over in the states most people hate KG. The fact he made the top 5 in international sales is something I still cant wrap my head around. But hey, I guess the people of the world know what they want.

Kevin Love will miss the first month of the NBA season

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Well, there goes my preseason MVP pick. Kevin Love is down and out with a broken hand, and the Twolves will certainly suffer for it. Love had 26 points and 13 rebounds per game last season, and that was on a non playoff team. A full season of Love with point guard Ricky Rubio may have improved those numbers, as well as the Minnesota playoff hopes. But now with both Rubio and Love missing time early on, it may be another long year for the Timberwolves.


Shaquille O’Neal is a superhero once again

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Shaq has gone by many names during his NBA career. One of which was the Superman moniker. The name wasn’t just generic though, apparently Shaq really is a fan of comic books. So of course the big Aristotle is now heading into the genre himself. The comic is actually illustrated by a guy who has done work with both DC and Marvel, the two big comic book companies. Come to think of it this isn’t the first time Shaq became an imaginary hero, although I wont remind you of the massacre that was Kazaam.



All right I lied, it is too funny not to remind you of Kazaam. I mean it is Shaq as a genie. How did they think this movie would be anything other then a flop?

Harvard Grad and Asian American Jeremy Lin explodes to finally get a check in the Win column

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Saturday night the Knicks hosted the Nets to play ball for the third consecutive night. The crowd was already rowdy with the ex husband of Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries, in the building for the Nets. Humphries was voted the most hated player in the NBA recently and the fans at the Garden let him know about it. One thing the New York crowd wasn’t too excited for was the play of the Knicks, who have been losers throughout much of this strike shortened season. Jeremy Lin gave em something to cheer about.

Lets get a little background on the kid first and foremost. Jeremy Lin is the first NBA player to be American born and of Chinese descent. Lin came out of high school looking to play for his dream school, UCLA. They didn’t want him, so he “settled” for Harvard. Now no one really seemed to think that highly of the kid, he was snubbed by his home state of California and even after a solid college career, he went un-drafted.

After getting an Economics degree from Harvard, Lin went to a few training camps. And as the story goes, no one really seemed very interested. That was until his hometown Golden State Warriors came calling for Lin. He signed on to play with the Warriors in the 2010-2011 season. Lin played in 29 games that rookie year. Lets fast forward to the fun part now, the Knicks sniped him off waivers a few days into this season after a Christmas injury to rookie guard Iman Shumpert.

Jeremy Lin came in last night as the Knicks season was reeling and the fans were no longer dealing. The guards of the Knicks have been near useless all season and the team was praying for something to fall in their favor. The very religious Lin answered those prayers. The Ivy Leaguer played 36 minutes in the Knicks 99-92 win. He dropped a career high 25 points, the most by any player by either team in the game. Lin added 5 rebounds, 7 assist, and 2 steals. Lin became an instant fan favorite and the legend was born.

With a story as heartwarming as a bowl of ramen noodles, one would hope that it would continue to trend towards a happy ending. This has yet to be determined; while Lin may have single handedly saved the job of Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni, it remains to be seen whether or not the point guard problem is solved. For now though lets just enjoy the rise of the new hero of the Knickerbockers.

Miami fans aren’t so bad after all

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Words are not needed from me, this is one of those things where the punchline is right there for you. Watch the video and enjoy. I hope you saw this live like I did, and laughed like a little girl. And to Lebron, good effort man, good job.