Amare Stoudemire will be out of commission for the next 2-4 weeks

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Amare Stoudemire will be out of the Knicks line up with a bulging disk in his back. Ouch. Now this wouldn’t be a huge issue if it hadn’t been for the fact that Stat was finally getting in a groove. But alas, Stoudemire has finally decided to join the Knicks lineup and become productive. Now however his year is up in the air, especially if the Knickerbockers can’t extent their season to the playoffs. And his replacement? Well he is injured as well.


Jared Jeffries would normally move into the spot that Stoudemire has left unoccupied. Jeffries however is still out of commission for at least another week with a bum knee. So that leaves the White mambas Josh Harrelson and the ever dangerous Steve Novak. Expect Harrelson, affectionately referred to as Jorts,(apparently he liked to wear jean shorts in college) to start while Stat is out. Novak of course will continue his dominance coming off the bench. Jeremy Lin is also out for tonights game against the Magic. Woo, this injury bug is spreading.

New Orleans will have the number 1 pick in the NBA Draft

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Things always have a funny way of working out. One day Anthony Davis is winning the NCAA National Championship in New Orleans, the next day he is probably heading back their to continue his basketball career. All right its not probably, Anthony Davis will be the first overall pick. But I cant help but think that somebody is losing in all this. Oh yes, the Charlotte Bobcats, the team that had the worst record in league history. HA! More fun for me next season at the expense of the lowly Bobcats.

Some fans are happier about the Heat vs. Thunder matchup than others

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So for one of the ESPN fan polls the country was asked who they wanted to see win in the upcoming NBA finals. Just about the entire country wanted to see the Thunder be victorious, except the obvious states that were in the area of Miami. Well one of those areas is not so obvious, and it is because their fans are still quite bitter.


The state of Washington is extremely anti Thunder. And the reason is simple, Oklahoma City stole their team. The Thunder were once the great Seattle Supersonics, until they moved on out. The fans only got a year of Kevin Durant and were not able to witness the dominant team that the Thunder has become. Now to more important things, my opinion. I, like the rest of the country, am settling for the Thunder. Quite frankly I don’t like either team, but hey, I gotta root for someone.

The Masked Kobe Bryant was the hero Los Angeles needed right now

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Rip Hamilton is well known throughout the NBA for wearing a mask that covers his entire face. Following the All Star game incident with Dwayne Wade, Kobe became the new poster child of masked men. With a broken nose and traces of a concussion, Kobe went off against the Twolves. The mask did not hinder Bryant at all; he had a game high 31 points to go with 8 assist and 7 rebounds as he lead his Lakers to victory. The Lakers play Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat this sunday, expect Kobe to come out with a little something extra in that game.

Paul Pierce throws down a “Tebow” as the Celtics tie up their series against the Hawks

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Much like Parkour and Planking, Tebowing has become an internet sensation. The patented move of Tim Tebow has been used by many, from the NHL to the NBA. Paul Pierce is the latest Tebower, as he hits the Hawks with one as his Celtics were en-route to victory. Personally I thought parkour was the only worth while sensation. Look it up and have your mind blown, and potentially your bones broken.

The National Champion Kentucky Wildcats will have their entire starting 5 go to the NBA

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Yesterday their was a poll on ESPN asking if the Kentucky Wildcats could beat the Charlotte Bobcats. Well they will certainly get a chance to prove themselves come next year as their whole starting five is en-route to the NBA. Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are projected to go 1st and 2nd in the draft. With those same Bobcats having the worst record in the NBA wrapped up, they have a pretty good chance at getting at least one of those picks.



Now for the other three reigning national champs. Terence Jones  is anticipated to be a lottery pick while Doron Lamb and Marquis Teague are expected to go late in the first round or early in the second. While most of these players were anticipated to head to the association, Teague is a guy that could benefit from another year at school. I saw flashes of greatness in the few game I watch Kentucky play this season. But Teague is a pretty raw young kid who sometimes played a bit erratically. Regardless of where everyone goes, Kentucky will have a huge representation come draft day.

This sick dunk comes straight outta Italy….well maybe, I’m honestly not too sure

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All righty, so I do know a bit of Italian so from what I can understand from the description this is a Sprite Slam Dunk Contest much like the one the NBA has. I found this video when Dwight Hardy, the former St. John’s star, shared it on his facebook wall. Now Hardy is playing and living over in Italy, which is more proof for my case. Plus the kids lined up look kind of Italian….I guess. Although I cant really hear the announcer, it actually kind of sounds english. Well regardless of where it takes place, Kenny Dobbs throws down a nasty dunk. Also the title is Italian for “Difficult Basketball.” My Italian really is not too great.