No unexpected results after last nights game

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In the NBA the better team usually wins in a best of 7 series. That might just be the reason the NBA postseason is considered the least exciting of the 4 major sports. To go with that theme, all the favorites won last night. The Thunder beat the Mavs, the Pacers beat the Magic, and of course the Heat killed the Knicks again. Even with the Bulls losing the reigning MVP, they are still expected to not only beat the 76ers, but sweep them.


The lack of early round parody leads to lots of sleeper series. The Knicks are clearly no match for the Heat. The top seeded Spurs should be done with the Jazz in a couple of days. When the Canucks got beat by the 8 seed Kings a week ago nobody blinked an eye. But if the 76ers or Jazz managed an upset then a lot of people would be losing there jobs.



know I’m supposed to say that the NBA playoffs are the best thing since sliced bread. But to be honest I rather have a peanut butter sandwich on that bread then watch some of these games. But it is still early, and the later rounds are usually great once it actually has the best teams in there. For now though, I’ll keep hitting the snooze until those later rounds begin.

The new Lebron X sneakers can do it all, at the right price

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Lebron James has had a pretty good year. He won his first NBA championship, his second Olympic gold medal, and now he is releasing a whole new line of shoes. The Lebron X is supposedly one of the most high tech sneakers on the market. It has built in sensors that can track various metrics, such as how high the player can jump. Now of course something like this cant come cheap. The suggested retail price has jumped around from $180 dollars up to $315 dollars. Something tells me all the fun features wont come cheap, and these sneakers will be more on the $300 dollar side of things.

Nets on the decline with Brooklyn Looming

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Jeremy Lin saw his first big action coming off the bench when the Knicks hosted the Nets 5 games ago. Since then, the Knicks have won 5 straight and the Nets have dropped 5 in a row. The Nets have just 8 wins on the season, and with their new home opening up in Brooklyn soon, the franchise should be very concerned. In order to fix things, they  need Dwight Howard in a bad way.


Howard is a whiner and a diva on the level of Lebron James. But he also brings massive star power, which is exactly what the Nets organization needs. They have been desperately awaiting the return of the injured Brook Lopez, who will be a trade piece if the Nets want to make a deal with the Magic. If Lopez can make it back before the deadline, this is the trade that I think would work best for the Nets. And keep in mind, they obviously need to retain Deron Williams so that Dwight has a reason to stay with the Nets.


Nets Trade: Brook Lopez, Anthony Morrow, MarShon Brooks, Damion James, and a draft pick or two


Magic Trade: Dwight Howard, Glen Davis, Ishmael Smith

Throwing in Glen “Big Baby” Davis is needed to match salaries. The Nets lose two really good young guards in Morrow and Brooks, but its hard to get a player of Howard’s caliber without throwing in some youth. Ishmael Smith is nothing special, but with the Nets throwing in two talented guards I don’t think the Magic would mind parting with Smith.


The controversy continues as David Stern is still being questioned

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Days after the Hornets won the draft lottery, people are still questioning the legitimacy of the process. I have highlighted all the evidence against David Stern, and I continue to believe he played a part in the Hornets winning the first pick. However of course I do not want to be biased, so here is a quote from the Boston Globe that suggest it may just be impossible to rig a draft.


“[R]eporters and team executives who have witnessed the actual lottery process — which is no longer televised, as it was 25 years ago — say there is no way it can be rigged. Each of the 14 teams has a number of four-digit combinations — the number weighted according to their record, meaning the Bobcats have 25 percent of the combinations.”

The never ending debate on a topic nobody will ever agree on

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Read so many articles about this today on my daily rounds.  For every Lebron hating article I read, there was an article on the next site that was supporting his every move.   The whole Lebron James movement is just too big now- it’s become one of those annoying topics where no matter where you have the conversation, or who you’re having it with- it’s always going to come down to an argument.



The above video is where the actual injury took place-    LBJ is a good flopper, but it’s safe to say he definitely went down in true pain on this play. How he treated the injury afterwards is questionable, but comical nonetheless.


The below video has some profanity in it-  LBJ airing out his pain via some friendly S bombs on the sidelines.  The guy who put the video together nailed it at the end with the repeat/rewind right action on the good part.



Some people love to hate the guy, while others love to glorify the guy, both sides have equal say in the matter  .  For me, if I stepped away from the situation and cast my vote as an outsider:   Leg cramping does hurt, no argument there. But, there also has to be a drive in an athlete of his caliber to battle through a certain amount of pain.    I’m not discounting the pain he felt from the injury, but I am saying that Allstar athletes at this level of sports are always expected to perform under almost any circumstances.

The Baylor Bears jerseys omit feelings of Spring time and the Easter holiday

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Baylor has been all over the news this season. Their women are national champions, Robert Griffin III is a potential number one pick in the upcoming NFL draft, and the men have some awesome jerseys. Well that and the men also got themselves into the elite eight. With springtime looming and Easter just in our rearview mirror, these uniforms were the perfect choice. I think there is some sort of color scheme known as easter colors, actually I think that its referred to as pastel colors. Either way the Baylor Bears did a good job of representing those colors, although I doubt that is what they were going for.

A charity game in China turns into a Kobe exhibition

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Everyone knows that Kobe Bryant is a great scoring. He dropped 81 points against the Toronto Raptors, an NBA team. Now for his next amazing venture, Kobe managed to score 68 points in just 15 minutes at a charity event in China. Even without playing against real basketball players that is still crazy. Here is what kobe had to say on his Facebook.

“I wanted to play it cool but what the heck, the place was packed with fans who’d sang an early happy birthday to me and really wanted to watch me go to work.  didn’t want to disappoint them or the fans that had paid their hard earned money for a show so I took the challenge of really using the second half as a training session for my stamina.”