First Lil Wayne, now 2 Chainz

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Ugh ESPN is such a popularity whore.  Listen to whatever music you want; some people hate rap, some people love it-  that’s not my beef here.   My beef is with ESPN hiring a bunch of rappers to come on their show to talk sports, when there are a million other people in this world who deserve to be sitting at that desk.     Same thing with Lil Wayne,  I don’t think the guy made a single good call while he had his little talk show segment thing.


ESPN stick to sports-  there are enough things in your industry to boost your ratings without whoring yourself out to these guys who essentially just embarrass your network for the 10-30 minutes you have them on.

Baron Davis continues his comedy career while he is rehabbing his leg

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They say laughter is the best medicine, although I am not sure it heals an exploding knee. Either way Baron Davis has remained in high spirits even after a potential career ending injury. Here Baron takes over a new, British persona in which he humorously covers some of his favorite Olympic moments. This actually might be the highlight of what has been a pretty boring Olympic games.

Moe Harkless of St. John’s wins the honor of Big East Rookie of the Year

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On a St. John’s team that often featured just a six man rotation, Moe Harkless was always the epitome of consistency and reliability. His 15.3 points per game and 8.6 rebounds helped to get him the accolades of Big East Rookie of the Year. Harkless and teammate D’Angelo Harrison were the two stars of the Red Storm this past season, but now the concern is whether or not they will be here next year.


A few draft boards have Harkless going at a very interesting position, one where he probably wouldn’t even have to move out of Queens. With the Nets moving to Brooklyn, the Queens native is projected to join New Jersey in their move. While Harkless may not have the pizzazz or star power yet, having a New York native could be key for helping the Brooklyn Nets draw some new fans. That being said, as a St. John’s student and fan, I do not want to see Harkless go anywhere for another three years. Here is hoping to that.

Rudy Gay to the Bobcats a possibility

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Saying the Bobcats are unhappy about losing the Draft Lottery in the understatement of the year. The team is miserable knowing they wont be able to get Anthony Davis to save their franchise. So with that they want to trade the 2nd overall pick. One of the top suitors for a trade with the Bobcats are the Memphis Grizzlies, who apparently are willing to send over Rudy Gay.



Rudy Gay is a top tier NBA talent, the past 5 season he has averaged about 19 points and 6 rebounds. He is also still just 25 years old, a piece that the Bobcats could certainly build around. That being said, I think the Bobcats need to stop being bitter and hold on to their pick. While Gay is a great young player, the upside of a guy like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist of Kentucky or Harrison Barnes of UNC is even greater then what Gay is. Not only do the prospects have more upside, but they are also much cheaper and younger then Gay.

The not so fun parts of being Michael Jordan

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When you’re Michael Jordan you have the world in the palm of your hands. People hear the name and are thrust into excitement. But sometimes Michael Jordan is just another average guy that no one is really interested in. Now normally I’m far from a huge fan of ESPN, but this commercial is pretty funny and well done. Sit back and watch the story of a real Michael Jordan.

Feds raid ‘Birdmans’ house and rumors run rampant

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Yeah, not gonna lie, this is creepy.   Not that I followed the guys career much, but I can’t say I ever expected to read a story about the Feds knocking his door down and seizing all his personal electronics property.     I know a lot of people are saying ‘you can’t jump to conclusions yet’ since it’s all brand new and nothing has been 100% confirmed yet- and I’m right there on that level… but ya gotta admit, this is pretty serious stuff.

He’s been absent since the raid, missing games with his team, and the Nuggets have completely excused him indefinitely from any team functions until things are cleared up.   Andersen hasn’t exactly been a key player for the Nuggets this year, so this whole incident doesn’t hurt the Nuggets all that much; however any sort of outside interference issues like these always tend to have some negative impact on the team as they continue to play while dealing with the media controversy at hand.


As things unravel, we’ll keep you posted.  The weekend is here, and I’m ready to start enjoying myself.   I’ll see you all back here on Monday

Jeremy Lin speaks out on who his favorite Pokemon is

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So today a friend of mine reffered me to an article on Deadspin way back when Lin went into surgery. Now there were a lot of little trivia fact in the piece, but those really don’t matter to me after reading the big one. Jeremy Lin said his favorite Pokemon was Blastoise. Really? Blastoise? Jeremy Lin may have been the only kid that got Pokemon Blue Version instead of Red. I know for a fact that all the kids on the playground were all about Charizard. And maybe some of the hipster kids would pick Venusaur. But not one pick Blastoise.


You may be asking yourself, “hey Rob, what does this have to do with basketball?” The answer may surprise you. Absolutely nothing. I just cant get over the fact that a guy as skilled as Linsanity picked the most irrelevant of the Pokemon starters of 90′s. Then again, he is a Harvard graduate in the NBA. Maybe I should have chosen Squirtle way back in the day?