Paul Pierce throws down a “Tebow” as the Celtics tie up their series against the Hawks

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Much like Parkour and Planking, Tebowing has become an internet sensation. The patented move of Tim Tebow has been used by many, from the NHL to the NBA. Paul Pierce is the latest Tebower, as he hits the Hawks with one as his Celtics were en-route to victory. Personally I thought parkour was the only worth while sensation. Look it up and have your mind blown, and potentially your bones broken.

The National Champion Kentucky Wildcats will have their entire starting 5 go to the NBA

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Yesterday their was a poll on ESPN asking if the Kentucky Wildcats could beat the Charlotte Bobcats. Well they will certainly get a chance to prove themselves come next year as their whole starting five is en-route to the NBA. Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are projected to go 1st and 2nd in the draft. With those same Bobcats having the worst record in the NBA wrapped up, they have a pretty good chance at getting at least one of those picks.



Now for the other three reigning national champs. Terence Jones  is anticipated to be a lottery pick while Doron Lamb and Marquis Teague are expected to go late in the first round or early in the second. While most of these players were anticipated to head to the association, Teague is a guy that could benefit from another year at school. I saw flashes of greatness in the few game I watch Kentucky play this season. But Teague is a pretty raw young kid who sometimes played a bit erratically. Regardless of where everyone goes, Kentucky will have a huge representation come draft day.

This sick dunk comes straight outta Italy….well maybe, I’m honestly not too sure

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All righty, so I do know a bit of Italian so from what I can understand from the description this is a Sprite Slam Dunk Contest much like the one the NBA has. I found this video when Dwight Hardy, the former St. John’s star, shared it on his facebook wall. Now Hardy is playing and living over in Italy, which is more proof for my case. Plus the kids lined up look kind of Italian….I guess. Although I cant really hear the announcer, it actually kind of sounds english. Well regardless of where it takes place, Kenny Dobbs throws down a nasty dunk. Also the title is Italian for “Difficult Basketball.” My Italian really is not too great.

J.R. Smith will be suing his Chinese team

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It seems that the more I write about J.R. Smith, the less it has to do with actual basketball. This time I am forced to scribe about Smith because he has decided to sue his former Chinese team. During the NBA lockout, Smith headed to China to play for Zhejiang Chouzhou. During his time there he racked up $1,078,500 in fines, which accounted for about 1/3rd of his contract. So now Smith wants that money back, and FIBA will let him plead his case when an arbitrator in Switzerland gives him a hearing. And with that, the J.R. Smith saga continues, next up is whether or not he comes back to the Knicks. Fingers crossed for him going back overseas.

The Heat have been stopped dead in their tracks by the Indiana Pacers

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The Chris Bosh injury has all but dismantled the once dominant Miami Heat. A frustrated Dwyane Wade looked like he was about to fight his coach and Lebron James could not put up his MVP worthy performance. After taking down the Knicks with great…..very, very great ease, the Heat were picked by many to fly on through to the Finals.



There were a lot of things stopping Miami last night, the main thing however was the toughness of the Pacers. Danny Granger got physical with everyone he touched last night and it was enough to get Lebron off his game. The real star though was Roy Hibbert with his 19 points, 18 rebounds, and 5 blocks. If the Pacers big players can continue playing large then it might just be enough to upset the Heat. And once again, make Lebron James look like the anti-clutch.

Frenchman and former Knicks center Ronny Turiaf has signed with the Miami Heat

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For those wondering “chaleur” is apparently French for the word “Heat.” Which is where the good ol’ Ronny Turiaf is heading. No not a hot place in France, but the Miami Heat. Now Turiaf hasn’t really done much of anything this season, he only managed to play four games with the Wizards. And the Wizards are awful. But when your backup centers include the likes of Eddy Curry, I think the Heat wanted to bolster their bench anyway they could. So they picked up Turiaf off of waivers. Continuing with the French theme, a stereotype exist that France is full of stinky cheese. Ronny Turiaf has been called the smelliest player in the NBA by almost all of his peers. To go along with that he is also the sweatiest. I imagine the two things coincide. That being said, in his time with the Knicks Turiaf seemed like a great guy and I hope he gets a chance to play with the Heat.

The who, what, when, and where for Moe Harkless

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With the NBA Draft coming up this thursday I thought I would throw my scouting hat into the ring. Most of your analyst haven’t watched these players actually play live. Myself on the other hand, well I saw every game Moe Harkless played in last year for St. John’s.


We will start with my comparison, to give you an idea of what kind of player Harkless can be in the NBA. Most scouts have been saying Harkless compares to Trevor Ariza, but he reminds me a whole lot more of Nicolas Batum. Batum is 6’8 while Harkless is 6’9, both weigh in at about 195 pounds. The similarities come in with play style, both are great scorers but could improve from beyond the arc. Not only that but neither player has very high assist numbers, something negative about them both.


While he does share substantial similarities with Nicolas Batum, there is one area where Moe Harkless comes out on top. Harkless is far and away a better rebounder, and not only that but he is also an adequate shot blocker. With those defensive skills Harkless could definitely surpass the Batum comparison and become a player as good as Grant Hill. But that wont be for a while, Harkless still needs to develop.



Harkless is a guy who can make an immediate impact against great competition. In his Big East debut against Providence, Harkless dropped 32 points, the most ever in a players first game in conference play. The old record holder? Allen Iverson. Now that is some damn good company.



That one little record wasn’t the only accolade that Harkless took home on the season. He was also named Big East Rookie Of The Year, an honor that cant be ignored considering the Big East is one of the toughest conferences in the NCAA. Not only did he play well in the Big East, but he also did his fair share against the tough schools like Duke and Kentucky. Further proof of his ability to jump in against high competition.



So where does this all leave Moe in the draft? I think the earliest he goes is at the 10 spot with the New Orleans Hornets. The furthest Harkless will drop will be the Houston Rockets, who can take him with either the 14th or the 16th pick. Personally I would love to see the Hornets get him just to see Moe get the chance to play alongside Anthony Davis.


And that is a wrap. All that is left to say is good luck to the St. John’s alum. No matter where he goes Moe will do the Johnnies proud.