Uhhhh, sweet OKC paintjob on your Suzuki

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Some Artists attempt at salvaging his Suzuki X-90: Paint as many Oklahoma City Thunder players on the truck/car/crossover/golf cart as possible.   Huge failure my friend.  I’m sorry for anyone out there that might have a Suzuki X-90, but this car needs to be driven into a wall at top speed.    Even before the OKC mural, this thing is awful, I don’t even understand how it made it to the assembly line.

Jeremy Lin speaks out on who his favorite Pokemon is

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So today a friend of mine reffered me to an article on Deadspin way back when Lin went into surgery. Now there were a lot of little trivia fact in the piece, but those really don’t matter to me after reading the big one. Jeremy Lin said his favorite Pokemon was Blastoise. Really? Blastoise? Jeremy Lin may have been the only kid that got Pokemon Blue Version instead of Red. I know for a fact that all the kids on the playground were all about Charizard. And maybe some of the hipster kids would pick Venusaur. But not one pick Blastoise.


You may be asking yourself, “hey Rob, what does this have to do with basketball?” The answer may surprise you. Absolutely nothing. I just cant get over the fact that a guy as skilled as Linsanity picked the most irrelevant of the Pokemon starters of 90′s. Then again, he is a Harvard graduate in the NBA. Maybe I should have chosen Squirtle way back in the day?

David Stern discusses only allowing players 23 and under to compete

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Commissioner David Stern has been floating around an idea that would put an age restriction on NBA player’s competing in the Olympics. The rule would prevent anybody over the age of 23 from playing basketball in the Olympic games. Of course a major change like this would garner quite a bit of backlash, led by none other then Kobe Bryant.

“It’s a stupid idea. It should be a player’s choice. Basically, it’s just a dumb idea and we discuss it that way.We just discuss it like that and kind of voice our opinions through you (media) guys.”


I 100% disagree with Kobe on this one. I think Stern is spot on with this idea, which is something I will probably never say again. The Olympics are supposed to be a competition for amateurs. It sort of loses some luster when you have a team of All Stars and MVP’s.

Personally I don’t think they should stop at 23. I would prefer that the Olympics was restricted purely to college basketball players, or guys straight out of college like Anthony Davis. The whole professional thing has led to just USA domination, which has gotten quite tiresome. Now I honestly don’t expect either of these things to happen. Unfortunately the players have too much of a say in these types of things, and they will not let Stern restrict them from playing for their country.

Kevin Love does a trim job that has him looking like a middle school kid

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On most nights Kevin Love is getting ready to be the feature player of the T-Wolves, pulling down 20 rebounds and dropping 30 points. Well n0w he looks like he is getting ready to go to junior prom. Love decided that it was time for a haircut, and Ricky Rubio decided it was time to tweet a picture of the now hairless Love. Behind the grizzly beard of the 23 year old appears to be what is a 14 year old. Lets see if the lack of beard effects the super stars game.



This is what Love looked like before the transformation. I gotta say this look is a lot more intimidating. Even I think I could take this new Kevin Love and I am vertically challenged. Well to be honest the actual middle school version of Love could probably still school me.

Dwayne Wade gets a bit too physical in this weekends All Star Game

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The All Star Game is supposed to be a glorified pick up game. Just the best players showing off their skills and throwing down some moves. But as the game goes on both teams do end up getting more and more competitive, as a result we have Kobe Bryant with a broken nose. Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat put a hard foul on Kobe as he was going for a layup. Bryant also is having some concussion like symptoms. And now for possibly the most useless record ever set, during the game Kobe passed Michael Jordan to get the all time record for scoring in All Star Game history. It is basically like getting the high score on the Frogger machine at your local pizza place.

Charles Barkley sports lipstick and a dress to show that men too can lose weight with Weight Watchers

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So two or three years ago Charles Barkley was the spokesmen for the Taco Bell 5 buck box. The commercial was actually pretty well done and quotable, but Chuck is a big man, so a fast food spot doesn’t really do too much for him. So now he is dressed in drag to promote Weight Watchers. When I first saw this commercial come up I was terrified, mainly because Barkley looks damn good in a dress. Gotta give him credit though, he did look slimmer and he claimed to have lost about 40 pounds. So hey, if Chuck can make it work then so can you…..as long as you ditch the Taco Bell.

Even with that, there is still one thing up for debate. Chuck looks classy in both commercials. But the Taco Bell one has him reciting poetry. Somehow Taco Bell gets the nod of the classier commercial, an award I doubt they will ever receive again.

Juuuust incase Lebron does win it this year

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If you guys haven’t caught on by now;  I’m not a Lebron James fan. In the unfortunate event that Lebron James and the Miami Heat DO win a Championship this year, I figured I would get my last minute digs in now.


The good news is, even if they do win, they still have not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, but 7 more titles to win.   Good luck with that Bron Bron