Kobe Bryant gives a Tunisian player his autograph after loss

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The USA Olympic basketball team is a squad full of All Stars. The Tunisian team… Well, they don’t even have a single player in the NBA. So when Mohamed Hdidane goes over to Kobe Bryant after his team gets obliterated, is it really a big deal if he wants a little autograph? Of course not, who cares if his team lost by 47 points? Most of the spreads had them losing by 55. This guy is never going to have another chance to meet a basketball player like Kobe. Why not get his signature while he still can?

Patrick Ewing may be on his way to North Carolina

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Patrick Ewing is best remembered for his historic tenure as a New York Knickerbocker. That and when everyone thought the NBA rigged the lottery so the Knicks could get him. Ignoring that little historical tidbit, we move to the future, and the future may have Ewing coaching the Charlotte Bobcats.



As we know the Bobcats were statistically the worst team in the history of basketball last season. And while that was humorous for me, I’m sure their 17 fans weren’t happy about their hometown team going 7-59 for the season. Patrick Ewing is a name, and a big name can always keep fans in the seats. Would Patrick Ewing change anything? Probably not, but that just means more laughs for the rest of the NBA.

D Wade and Bron Bron confused over who’s supposed to suck more

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Down 2-1 in the series, these 2 guys have been given chance after chance to prove themselves to be the Kings that they act like they are, instead we’re stuck watching a bunch of choke artists.  D Wade is allowed to have a bad game, but we’ll just chalk Lebrons up to another awful postseason.

Dwight Howard is trying everything to get out of Orlando

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It is no secret Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando. No, literally it is right out there. Howard is openly saying he wants to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets. To continue to show his loyalty to Orlando, he is also claiming the team blackmailed him into opting into his 1 year extension with the team. And the icing on the cake of course is that he requested his coach and GM to be fired, which they were. So yea, we are dealing with a pretty classy guy right here.



Dwight Howard is easily the biggest piece of trash in the NBA right now. Sure everybody hated Lebron for his decision, but at least he played through his tenure with Cleveland and never stirred up trouble while there. Howard has gotten the entire Orlando Magic franchise fired in his pursuit out of Florida. You wanna go to the Brooklyn Nets, Dwight? Me too, I would love to play for the Nets. But neither of us are entitled to anything. You have a contract with the Magic so stop being a giant child and work with your team rather than against it. This is what happens when the NBA lets the inmates run the asylum.

Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields each pick up a double double as Knicks blow out the Kings

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Landry Fields was having a sophomore slump that most NBA players fear. He was playing like a man destined for the D-League. Since letting Jeremy Lin crash on his couch, Landry has gone off and become the player Knicks fans have been waiting for all year. Landry had 15 points and 10 rebounds tonight while finishing on a number of crazy ally oops from Jeremy Lin. Lin had a double double himself, he had a career high 13 assist while helping on the offense with 10 points.


Steve “give me Novakaine” Novak pitched in 14 points off the bench; at one point Novak was able to complete the elusive 4 point play. The often booed Bill Walker was also able to chip in 14 points. Jared Jeffries was just one rebound shy of a double double as his strong play continues on.


The Kings were little to no match for the Knicks tonight. DeMarcus Cousins played angry, and not in a good way. At times he could be seen yelling at his teammates while at most other moments he wore a massive frown on his face. These things seem to happen when you play on a perennially bad team.


This 100-85 win was the Knickerbockers 7th win in a row. Next up is the Hornets, who happen to be the worst team in the Western Conference. New OrLINS will be in for a beating.

Lebron James falls flat when it matters the most, as Pacers tie up the series 1-1

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Lebron James has been called a lot of things during his NBA career. Most recently he was named MVP, now he is being called the anti-clutch, LeBum, LeBrick, LeBad, LeBoo, and any other pun you can think of. With the Heat down just one point with 50 seconds to go, Lebron missed two free throws. And then Dwyane Wade missed what looked like an easy layup. All that wrapped up would lead to a Pacers win by a final of 78-75.



Now as much as I enjoy laying it all on Lebron, I do have to say it wasn’t his fault the Heat lost. James had 28 points and Wade had 24. The rest of the team had just 23 points. It is near impossible to win with a stat line like that. It looks as if Miami may actually miss Chris Bosh more then they thought they would.

Dwight Howard expresses his plans to remain a member of the Orlando Magic

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Throughout the season many have berated Dwight Howard for not being a team player. However now things have taken a turn that nobody expected, and Howard has informed the Magic that he will not opt out of his contract. Whether or not this means Dwight is in it for the long haul has yet to be determined, but for now this is a good sign for the Magic. Dwight has often been compared to Shaq, not only because of his great play but for his interest in leaving Orlando. Those comparisons will be put on the back burner for another year. The only team this really has a negative effect on is the New Jersey Nets.


As the Nets make their move to Brooklyn they will need some star power in order to draw in fans. If Dwight Howard is not a Net, it also means that Deron Williams is more then likely to not resign with the team in the off season. With the absolute disgrace of a product that has been the Knicks, the Nets are primed to take over a restless fan base. Without a big name or potential for a winning squad, the Nets will remain in the shadow of New York.