Justin Burrell of St. John’s fame earns an overseas honor

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The past few weeks have been very kind to last years St. John’s seniors. D.J. Kennedy recently made his debut with the Cavs of the NBA, and now Justin Burrell has been named MVP of the Japanese Professional League. He led his team, the Yokohama B-Corsairs to a 31-21 record while averaging 18.7 points. I dug a little further and used a semesters worth of Japanese to also discover that he averaged 10 rebounds and 2 assist a game.


It is always cool when you see guys you watched at school do well. To be honest though I don’t have too many memories of Burrell from last season. That being said, I am still glad to see that he is representing St. John’s proudly. And I am glad that the Japanese I learned at St. John’s is actually paying off.

Heat demolish the Knicks as Lebron gets a jump start on his acting career

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Last season the Knicks lost a few close games in their postseason series against Boston. This has started off quite differently, with the Knickerbockers getting absolutely manhandled by the Miami Heat. That being said, it is almost impossible to win when the refs call a foul on something that we see in the video. Lebron James dives worse then a soccer player. It is an embarrassment to the league and this type of play should warrant a suspension, at the very least a fine.



While the display Lebron put on was disgraceful, it is not the reason the Knicks lost the first game. There were shot clock violations, blown rotations, and zero interior defense. The turnovers killed the Knicks all day. Melo put on a disgraceful shooting display, and there was no one backing him up. It will be impossible to win even one game in this series if the Knicks continue to be their own worst enemy.

Dwight Howard, playing the role of Donald Trump, without the actual power

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Dwight Howard has been an issue all year. His name was on the trading block all season, per his request. Finally he had decided to give the Magic another year and all the controversy was gone. But then he had a hissy fit as Orlando was getting blown out by the Knicks. And now he is calling for the head of Coach Stan Van Gundy. Howard doesn’t like Van Gundy, he has shown this on and off the court. But if the Magic decide to fire Stan-Van just because of Howard, then this organization will have bigger problems. Dwight will inevitably leave and then the team wont have a good coach or a good player. I am calling it now; if Stan Van Gundy is fired after this season, the Magic will forever be cursed by the Van Gundy family.

Commissioner David Stern addresses the increasing flopping epidemic

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The best move the NHL made following their lockout was the banning of diving. Seven years have passed and the NBA still has not addressed their problem with stars taking dives. This postseason has seen a plethora of players flopping for the officials, and David Stern finally has something to say. Lets get a little Quote on here.

“I think it’s time to look at (flopping) in a more serious way, because it’s only designed to fool the referee. It’s not a legitimate play in my judgment. I recognize if there’s contact (you) move a little bit, but some of this is acting. We should give out Oscars rather than MVP trophies.”



I imagine the NBA is going to talk about this during the offseason. While you may not be able to call a flop as a foul it should certainly be a reviewable play and an automatic fine. But I want you to look at the last part of Sterns statement. Just think about who is the MVP for a second and who has been the poster child this postseason for flopping. Yep, Lebron James, I gotta think Stern knew exactly what he was saying, kudos commish.

The Utah Jazz took the final playoff spot in the NBA while bumping out the Suns

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The NBA playoffs are set. Well the seeding still isn’t known but at least we have which teams will be playing for the title. The Utah Jazz took the final spot as they beat the Phoenix Suns, the Suns were the only other team yet to be eliminated. It is actually scary how good of a season Steve Nash had for the Suns. At the age of 38 he tossed 10.8 assist per game, well above his career average. Nash will be a free agent this summer, hopefully he will sign with a contender and finally get the ring that has eluded him.



Now for the Jazz. Before I even start I will ask you to name one player on Utah. If you quickly gave up, you certainly are not the only one. All I could think of was Paul Millsap. Apparently Devin Harris is over in Utah, some may remember him for his game winning half court shot with the Nets. Al Jefferson also is now playing for the Jazz, he actually had an excellent season with 19 points and just under 10 rebounds a game.


From the looks of it, the Jazz really don’t have much of a roster. This is a team that everyone expected to finish around last place though. They were a rebuilding team, and they figured out how to put a team together and stay competitive. Unlike the Bobcats…..

Lebron James new Nike tshirts

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So these are the new Nike tshirts Lebron James was wearing during a recent ESPN interview.  They hit all major retailers tomorrow, running $30 a piece.   Get em while they’re hot- but don’t think this is going to be anything special-  now that he has the proper hardware, Nike is going to capitalize on every dollar they can.

Lebron James is a fan of the man purse

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Lebron James has spent most of his professional career being the butt of everybody’s jokes. And then he finally won his first NBA championship, which led to people easing up on him a bit. But as Lebron so often does, he gave us a new reason to make fun of him. Thats right, a man that is 6 foot 8 and who could probably pick me up by the face, is carrying a purse. It kind of reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where everyone makes fun of Jerry for using a man purse that he tries to call a “European Carry All.” Sorry Lebron, like Jerry we know what that really is that you are carrying: a man purse.