The not so fun parts of being Michael Jordan

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When you’re Michael Jordan you have the world in the palm of your hands. People hear the name and are thrust into excitement. But sometimes Michael Jordan is just another average guy that no one is really interested in. Now normally I’m far from a huge fan of ESPN, but this commercial is pretty funny and well done. Sit back and watch the story of a real Michael Jordan.

Feds raid ‘Birdmans’ house and rumors run rampant

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Yeah, not gonna lie, this is creepy.   Not that I followed the guys career much, but I can’t say I ever expected to read a story about the Feds knocking his door down and seizing all his personal electronics property.     I know a lot of people are saying ‘you can’t jump to conclusions yet’ since it’s all brand new and nothing has been 100% confirmed yet- and I’m right there on that level… but ya gotta admit, this is pretty serious stuff.

He’s been absent since the raid, missing games with his team, and the Nuggets have completely excused him indefinitely from any team functions until things are cleared up.   Andersen hasn’t exactly been a key player for the Nuggets this year, so this whole incident doesn’t hurt the Nuggets all that much; however any sort of outside interference issues like these always tend to have some negative impact on the team as they continue to play while dealing with the media controversy at hand.


As things unravel, we’ll keep you posted.  The weekend is here, and I’m ready to start enjoying myself.   I’ll see you all back here on Monday

Jeremy Lin speaks out on who his favorite Pokemon is

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So today a friend of mine reffered me to an article on Deadspin way back when Lin went into surgery. Now there were a lot of little trivia fact in the piece, but those really don’t matter to me after reading the big one. Jeremy Lin said his favorite Pokemon was Blastoise. Really? Blastoise? Jeremy Lin may have been the only kid that got Pokemon Blue Version instead of Red. I know for a fact that all the kids on the playground were all about Charizard. And maybe some of the hipster kids would pick Venusaur. But not one pick Blastoise.


You may be asking yourself, “hey Rob, what does this have to do with basketball?” The answer may surprise you. Absolutely nothing. I just cant get over the fact that a guy as skilled as Linsanity picked the most irrelevant of the Pokemon starters of 90′s. Then again, he is a Harvard graduate in the NBA. Maybe I should have chosen Squirtle way back in the day?

The Heat have been stopped dead in their tracks by the Indiana Pacers

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The Chris Bosh injury has all but dismantled the once dominant Miami Heat. A frustrated Dwyane Wade looked like he was about to fight his coach and Lebron James could not put up his MVP worthy performance. After taking down the Knicks with great…..very, very great ease, the Heat were picked by many to fly on through to the Finals.



There were a lot of things stopping Miami last night, the main thing however was the toughness of the Pacers. Danny Granger got physical with everyone he touched last night and it was enough to get Lebron off his game. The real star though was Roy Hibbert with his 19 points, 18 rebounds, and 5 blocks. If the Pacers big players can continue playing large then it might just be enough to upset the Heat. And once again, make Lebron James look like the anti-clutch.

Tony Parker rented out a theatre to watch Men In Black 3 with the Spurs

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“Private premier of men in black. Thanks TP. Team bonding.”   Not a bad way to watch the Men In Black 3 Movie huh?    San Antonio star Tony Parker rents out the theatre for you, throws some pizzas into the mix, invites a couple hot chiks, and calls it team bonding-   sounds better than any movie I’ve ever been to.

New Orleans will have the number 1 pick in the NBA Draft

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Things always have a funny way of working out. One day Anthony Davis is winning the NCAA National Championship in New Orleans, the next day he is probably heading back their to continue his basketball career. All right its not probably, Anthony Davis will be the first overall pick. But I cant help but think that somebody is losing in all this. Oh yes, the Charlotte Bobcats, the team that had the worst record in league history. HA! More fun for me next season at the expense of the lowly Bobcats.

Kevin Love puts his foot down on Luis Scola

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After seeing the video the choice is up to the viewer as to whether or not the Kevin Love stomp was intentional or just a factor of a guy with a size 19 shoe. What we do know is that in a game between the Timberwolves and Rockets last week, Scola threw the ball hard into the groin of Love so that possession would remain with Houston. Even if it was accidental, the NBA still thinks Love should be held responsible for his happy feet. A 2 game suspension will hold Love out for a bit and eat up some salary.