The Masked Kobe Bryant was the hero Los Angeles needed right now

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Rip Hamilton is well known throughout the NBA for wearing a mask that covers his entire face. Following the All Star game incident with Dwayne Wade, Kobe became the new poster child of masked men. With a broken nose and traces of a concussion, Kobe went off against the Twolves. The mask did not hinder Bryant at all; he had a game high 31 points to go with 8 assist and 7 rebounds as he lead his Lakers to victory. The Lakers play Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat this sunday, expect Kobe to come out with a little something extra in that game.

Kyrie Irving and Pepsi Max team up to provide us with some good laughs

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Now that’s some damn good makeup!   and some damn good marketing!  I absolutely loved this clip-  awesome idea by the marketing department over at Pepsi Max.    I could watch professional athletes toy around with everyday Joe’s in any sport, all day long.   Just nothing funnier than seeing just how good these guys are in real life- it’s quick to throw jabs at a guy who doesn’t perform in the NBA-   but you take that same guy and put him in a streetball game and he’s gonna light that place on fire.



I have to be honest,  I’m really really liking Kyrie.   I admit I didn’t follow him closely throughout the year, or post many articles on this site about him-  but after his recent Rookie of the Year crowning, and now the endless wave of highlight videos and advertisements,  this kid is definitely winning me over.    I’m no NBA All Star,  but I’m sure adding 20 pounds of cosmetics and wardrobe has got to weigh you down a bit, but Kyrie didn’t show any signs of slowing up, besides the fact that he looked like he was 75.

Ron Artest makes “The worst play I have ever seen in basketball”

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Skip to the one minute mark of the video to see the play that the Lakers announcer called, “the worst play I have ever seen in basketball.” Ron Metta World Artest Peace was the man inbounding the ball. Well he was supposed to be. According to coach Mike Brown it was a play that just didn’t go as planned. The Lakers did still end up winning the game, so no harm no foul. And if this is the worst thing Ron Artest does all year, most people will be happy. Keep watching to the end of the video to see an excellent (hilarious) job of journalism by the news channel airing the post game interview.

Ron Artest gets in on the vampire craze

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At first I couldn’t believe it, Ron Artest is becoming a Vampire actor. Then I looked at the picture above and saw him attempting to bite Kobe’s neck. And that was all the proof I needed to know that he was indeed a demon of the night. Lets be honest, we all know how crazy Artest is. Not a single person could have possibly been shocked when Ron announced he would be starring in a show known as “Real Vampire Housewives.”  Now for the best part, according to, the role Artest is playing is that of a “a gregarious and overly sexual vampire elder.” I cant wait to see where this is going.

The Charlotte Bobcats have some slick new uniforms

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The Bobcats introduced new uniforms to go along with their new coach, Mike Dunlap. So what if the Bobcats had just 7 wins last season? Now they will lose in style. The main problem people had with Charlotte last year wasn’t that they were the worst team in the history of the NBA. It was the fact that they just did not look good doing it. Next year, the Cats have a new coach and a new look. Even if they lose 65 games, at least they will look great while doing it.

Seattle might be one step closer to getting their team back

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While the Oklahoma City Thunder certainly wont be moving back to Seattle, the people of Washington state are still working on getting a team back. The mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn, met with commissioner David Stern himself in New York City. Supersonics fans have been working endlessly to get their old team back, and it appears there efforts may pay off……well at the expense of the Sacramento Kings. But if the Kings did get moved they would be getting the most press they have gotten in years, and quite frankly I still don’t think anybody would care.



I will be honest, I loved the Supersonics. They had the word Sonic in their name, and to a good that meant one thing. Sonic the Hedgehog. Even when I found out the team had nothing to do with the Sega character I still liked them for their ridiculous jerseys. So as you can tell, I am definitely in favor of nixing the Kings for the Sonics.

The Celtics sign 25 year old rookie Dionte Christmas

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Every year, the Boston Celtics seem be playing on Christmas day. This year, Christmas will come early for Boston, as they sign the 25-year-old Dionte Christmas.  Now lets be honest here, if Christmas didn’t have such a fun and festive name, he probably wouldn’t be worth writing about. That being said, he did have a pretty stellar career over at Temple. After his freshman season, he never averaged less then 19.5 points per game. He was also a pretty good rebounder for a shooting guard. So with that, Boston will be able to celebrate Christmas every day. Well, that is until he gets cut.