Deron Williams may have hinted at where he will sign come July 1st

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Deron Williams is a Dallas native, so it is no surprise that the Mavericks are in play for the Nets star. But the plot thickens in the speculation department for which team Deron wants to play for. Deron Williams was recently seen shopping for houses in the Dallas area. Not only has D-Will been seen looking at houses, he has also stated that the Nets and Mavs will be the only teams he will consider signing with.



Now here is how I see this playing out. Deron Williams will not sign the first day of free agency. I think he will wait to see what moves the Nets make in order to put a better team around D-Will. If things don’t look good in Brooklyn, then Williams will head back home to the Mavs to join an already contending team.

Uhhhh, sweet OKC paintjob on your Suzuki

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Some Artists attempt at salvaging his Suzuki X-90: Paint as many Oklahoma City Thunder players on the truck/car/crossover/golf cart as possible.   Huge failure my friend.  I’m sorry for anyone out there that might have a Suzuki X-90, but this car needs to be driven into a wall at top speed.    Even before the OKC mural, this thing is awful, I don’t even understand how it made it to the assembly line.

A clutch 3 pointer from Jeremy Lin gets the Knicks the 90-87 win as Amar’e returns from bereavement

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With less then a second left to play in tonights game, Jeremy Lin pulled up over Jose Calderon and drained the game winning three. The shot from way downtown was just 3 of the 27 points Lin had tonight. The Knicks finished the game on a 13-1  run to overcome the 4th quarter deficit. With Amar’ Stoudemire returning to the lineup Lin looked to feed Stat early and often. Stat finished on most of his chances from Lin who had 11 assist on the night, good enough for his second double double. Stat had 21 points as the surging Knicks led to the extinction of the Raptors.

 New York is shining bright right now. Up in Boston, Henrik Lundqvist picked up his 7th shutout of the season as the Rangers beat up on the Bruins 3-0. Many have begun referring to the Rangers keeper as “LINDQVIST” as the Linsanity continues to spread. While this is all in good fun, Hank is still considered to be the King of New York. Jeremy Lin is far from being in the same league as Lundqvist.  The Rangers and Knicks both have a tough act to follow after the Giants Superbowl win, but at the moment both teams are helping to show why New York is the greatest sports town in the world.



And if you were wondering if I am going to continue milking the Pearl Jam references, the answer is a very hard yes.

Team USA does what everybody thought they would do

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The New York Mets winning the 69 World Series. USA Hockey beating Russia in the 1980 Olympics. That one time the Jets won the Superbowl. These are some of our nations greatest upsets in sports. So where does USA Basketball beating Spain rank? Probably lower then any sporting event ever in the history of forever. Like everybody thought, the Americans won the gold at the hands of Spain. It was anticlimactic and boring as any time the Yankees win the World Series. And it is about time the game went back to the amateurs.



Basketball is a sport predominately played by Americans. The top league in the world is the NBA, which of course is situated in the USA. So why is it that the Olympics, a competition for amateurs all over the world, allows men that make millions of dollars to compete in their games. There is no reason for the professionals to compete anymore. The Americans have shown time and time again that they will win with their best players. Let the college kids play, but we need to reach the end of millionaires competing among amateurs.

Calls us all haters.   Ok.  If you say so.

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There it is D Wade!   You told them.   Strutting up to that microphone wearing your tight pink pants all confidently-  throwing a jab that you think makes you sound cool.    It didn’t, all it did was pretty much just annoy everyone even more.

I wish I could say the rest of the interview was enjoyable,  but I turned it off as soon as Lebron started giggling like a little school girl at D Wades joke.



Stay tuned for the next round of Playoffs when Wade rolls out his latest fashions.   Have a safe weekend everyone!  Happy Memorial Day.   Be safe, designate a driver, wear protection and all that good stuff responsible adults usually say.

J.R. Smith inks a two year deal to return to the Knickerbockers

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J.R. Smith has signed on for another two seasons with the New York Knicks. After spending parts of last season in China, Smith joined the Knicks midway through their season and came off the bench. Now, with the loss of Landry Fields, most anticipate Smith being the starting shooting guard. The deal is worth $2.8 million and the second year is a player option.



So a couple of weeks ago when Smith opted out of his Knicks contract I was pretty happy. I really thought he would be on his way out of here, and I had no qualms with that. There were too many games last season where Smith came off the bench and chucked up shot after shot, which would be all good and well if he was hitting them. I just don’t see how an offensive shooting guard fits on a team with Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, and Jeremy Lin. Those are three guys that demand the ball, it is about time the Knicks put some guys on their roster that can prevent the other team from scoring.

St. John’s picks up its first win of the season against a ranked opponent

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Coming into todays matinée against Notre Dame, St. John’s had been winless against ranked teams, going 0-10. Something finally gave today and the Red Storm held on to defeat the 18 ranked Fighting Irish, 61-58. Freshman star Moe Harkless led the way for St. John’s; he dropped a game high 22 points while pulling down 9 rebounds. Many consider Harkless to be a potential NBA player, the hopes are he will stay at St. John’s for one more season and continue to rock the Garden.