The Groovy new coach of the Portland Trail Blazers

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The Portland Trail Blazers have been a bit of a cursed franchise ever since passing up on Michael Jordan in the draft. Since then, they have had draft bust after draft bust, with many players ending their careers prematurely due to odd injuries. So now they have hired new coach Terry Stotts to break the curse. And in order to do that, he will be doing the time warp back to the 70′s. Groovy.

Jeremy Lin does it again, assist the Knicks to their third win in a row

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Michael Scott once said, fool me once, strike one. Fool me twice…..strike three. Well I have officially struck out on Jeremy Lin. I thought it was just a lucky game at first. Then I figured he was just on a little hot streak, everybody gets one. But after watching him dish the ball tonight, I must say that Lin is as real as the food at a Chinese restaurant is actually chicken. Actually scratch that, Jeremy Lin is as good as his high school average, 100% awesome.

Lin had a career high 10 assist tonight. But it was the way he dished the ball that really caught my eye. Through the smallest holes Lin was able to skip the ball through and avoid all of the Wizards players. Steve Novak had 19 points off of 5 threes. Novak was often found wide open after great passes from Lin. Lin has some of the best eyes I have seen from a Knicks point guard all season. He would have had even more points of Tyson Chandler wasn’t getting hacked and sent to the free throw line after every Lin pass.

The Knicks went on to win this game by a final of 107-93. John Wall had 29 points for the Wiz while Chandler led the Knicks with 25. Lin had 23 points and 4 rebounds to go along with the 10 assist. The Knickerbockers were without Melo who is out with a strained groin and Amar’e who is in Florida mourning the loss of his brother. The lack of the two Knicks superstars only makes the Lin show even more impressive.

Knicks season comes to an end with many questions for the future

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The Knicks lost in Miami for what would be the final time this season. There was no Amare punching a fire extinguisher, there was no cries for Jeremy Lin. There was just a team of players that would not be together again. We know Amare, Melo, and Chandler will be back. Hopefully Iman Shumpert will be back in time for next seasons first game. But everyone else is up in the air.



First off, the most important component on who should not be brought back by any means. J.R. Smith. Oh boy was it nauseating watching him miss shot after shot all series. 3-15 in the game and a minus 20 point differential. That last stat means the Heat had 20 more points then the Knicks when Smith was on the floor. Send him back to play in China, he does not have a role on this NBA team.



Mike Bibby will be gone and Baron Davis unfortunately will not be able to play next season with his injured knee. Steve Novak will most likely be brought back unless he demands an absurd pay check. Yet nobody is quite sure at the moment what kind of contract Jeremy Lin will be getting. That said, it seems almost definite that he will be the starting point guard once next season rolls around.

That leaves one more prominent Knickerbocker. That would be Landry Fields. Landry was blasted on twitter following the Knicks loss. Come to think of it, he has been ridiculed all season for his declining skills. We may have seen the last of the Stanford grad in New York.



There is so much that could change once next season comes around. At the same time the core will remain exactly as is. The most important move of the offseason will also be the easiest to make. Resign coach Mike Woodson. Do that, and the rest will follow.

St. John’s star Moe Harkless goes to the 76ers in the NBA Draft

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With the 15th overall pick in the NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select…..Maurice Harkless. It was a proud moment for me as a St. John’s fan when David Stern made this announcement. So by now you have probably seen my scouting report on Harkles, if not give it a look. Philly is a pretty great situation for Harkless, they have a veteran small forward in Andre Iguodala so Moe can have time to develop as a role player. Philadelphia is also a very young team as it is so there wont be a ton of pressure on Harkless to be perfect right away. I am quite excited to see how this saga unfolds.

Neither the Hornets nor the Bobcats seemed very keen on winning last night

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The Charlotte Bobcats and New Orleans Hornets are a combined 26-95 this season. Only 7 of those 26 wins were contributed by the Bobcats. In the game the teams were a paltry 2-27 from beyond the arc while turning the ball over 12 times each. The final score of this matchup was 75-67 in favor of the Hornets. And as a result the Bobcats lost their 17th straight game, a franchise record. With this loss the Cats are one step closer to NBA history. If they lose out they will be in sole possession of the worst ever winning percentage in the long tenure of the Association.


Now the Bobcats have six more games, two of them very winnable. They play the Kings and the Wizards who are both close to being a league disgrace as well. All the Bobcats have to do is win just one more game. If they cant, they finish the season on a 23 game losing streak with an overall win percentage of just .106. Ouch. And to make matters worse, that would mean once next season rolls around I’ll be on Bobcats win watch to celebrate whenever their first win happens to come.


I’m going to be a little bit easier on the Hornets. They got robbed of Chris Paul who wanted nothing to do with the city of New Orleans. Their deal with the Lakers was much better then the one with the Clippers. But the evil commissioner David Stern did not want Paul to continue the Lakers dynasty for “basketball reasons.” The real winner of this game will be whoever wins Anthony Davis in the draft lottery, and I think the league will rig it so the Hornets get what they actually deserve.

Amare Stoudemire drops over a million on engagement ring

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After spending a day in France touring the historical city of Paris, Stat took his longtime girlfriend out to dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower. And then he proposed with an 8.5 carat rock, a mineral worth well over a million bucks. I cant think of anything more cliched then proposing to a lady while dining in Paris. Then again I cant think of a single time this season that Stoudemire was creative out on the floor.


So there were obviously a ton of pictures I could have chosen for this, but I just found it hysterical that Amare wears the Knicks St. Patricks Day shorts out to the beach. The guy is dropping cake on a ring, he cant afford some swim trunks?

Mike Bibby finally becomes a true member of the New York Knicks

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Jeremy Lin? Out for the season. Baron Davis? Stomach bug. Raymond Felton? Right, we traded him. Toney Douglas? Good joke. Finally the stars aligned for Sir Michael Bibby to get his chance to run the point. All right, he wasn’t actually knighted. And he isn’t actually that good anymore. But for some reason when the Knicks signed Bibby I saw things playing out a lot differently.


Well I got what I wanted last night as the Knicks beat up on Jersey. Melo had 33 coming off his recent triple double. Steve Novak and J.R. Smith combined for six threes off the bench, as they so often do. What we saw differently was Mike Bibby in the starting lineup. 8 points and 8 assist for Bibby, only 1 turnover. In 36 minutes, that is a damn good stat line for a 4th string point guard.


Now if you are wondering why the Mike Bibby obsession exist, I will let you in on a little secret. He dominates in NBA 2K10. Last year there were quite a few times where loud sounds erupted from my dorm room as Mike Bibby drained a game winning three. That after dropping about 40 points. So last night I finally got to shriek again, screaming MICHAELLL BIBBBYYYYYYYYY!