Mrs. Carmelo Anthony chimes in on her husbands unfortunate moment

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“I was like ‘Damn, that looks like it hurts, (Melo) shook it right off, but it was just an unnecessary foul. The guy was mad about something else. In the States you wouldn’t be able to get away with something like that.”


That quote from La La Anthony comes courtesy of the New York Daily News. This was in response to Melo (her husband) getting, for lack of a better term, hit in the nuts against Argentina. These Olympics have been marred by various players taking cheap shots, but this is the first reaction we get by the player’s wife. And in the end, the lady is the most important when it comes to these types of matters.

Lamar Odom is on his way down to the D-League as his hellish season continues

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Lamar Odom won the prestigious award of 6th man of the year for the Lakers last season. He was a threat off the bench that helped complete the Lakers roster. Then came the trade to New Orleans…..which David Stern canceled for “Basketball Reasons.” Following the near move to the Horents, the Lakers turned around and sent Odom to Dallas. His career and life have been spiraling down ever since.


In hollywood Kobe was the superstar and Lamar was the supporter, Khole was the reality queen and Lamar sat quietly in the background. But since coming to Dallas the microscope has been on Lamar and the sensitive Odom has responded poorly to the pressure. Will a stint with the Texas Legends of the D-League really save the career of Lamar Odom? It is very doubtful, and if he is stuck there for a while chances are that that Kardashian show will be even more uninteresting than it already is.


It was all Knicks in their blowout win against the Hawks tonight

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The Knicks and Hawks combined for 45 turnovers. With the Jeremy Lin effect rubbing off on both teams, it would be a game of who cashed in on those turnovers. I’ll just skip to the good part, it was the Knickerbockers who came out on top, and it was never really even close. Steve GIVE ME NOVAKAINE Novak and his 5 three pointers led the Knicks to a 99-82 win over the Hawks.


Jeremy Lin did his usual thing, 17 points, 9 assist, just another day at the office. As weird it is to say, his 4 turnovers were actually an improvement considering how often he has been coughing up the rock. Melo continued to struggle, he shot below 50% while contributing just 15 points. I’m not sipping the haterade on Melo yet though, I’ll wait until a few more games till I do that.

Also important to note, the Hawks have Tracy McGrady on their team. Yep, Tracy McGrady is still in the league. I was just as shocked as you might be.

With the Warriors and Bucks dealing some big names things are finally heating up in the trade department

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Monta Ellis has been dealt from the Golden State Warriors in Exchange for Andrew Bogut of the Milwaukee Bucks. Well, and some other guys were thrown in as well. The Warriors were forced to take on Stephen Jackson and his attitude problem while the Bucks picked up Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown. In the end though the main point of the trade was the swap of the two bigger names.


Andrew Bogut is a great center, he is tops in rebounding while also being able to put up about 12 points on any give night. The problem with Bogut though is that he never plays. The often injured big man has played in just 12 games this season and still has not returned to the game. Ellis on the other hand is a great scorer and passer, with 22 points and 6 assist per game he is a force on the floor. The issue with Monta was just one of the system. The Warriors were a very small team and they needed a big man like Andrew Bogut. If Bogut sees the floor then this will be a great trade for both teams, if not the Bucks are the easy winners.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the playoff loss of my fantasy team, Basketball Reasons

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Well it is all over, we have finally had the last nail hammered into our coffin. Basketball Reasons has been taken down by the slightest of margins. My 6-6 squad could not force the upset special against the 11-1 La Casa Roja, managed by the great mind of Jose Benitez. His one loss did come against me earlier in the season. We used to be known as the Big League Chewers, but that named was much better applied to my baseball team.


Russell Westbrook was my star, but his God awful shooting percentage ended up costing me many a fantasy point. Former Knicks great David Lee was my real team player with more double doubles then I could keep track of. I traded Amare for Rubio, a deal that would end horribly with Ricky having a season ending injury. But we kept trudging along and after two hard fought weeks, we are officially out of it.

Brandon Roy planning his comeback for this year

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Way back on May 10th I wrote that Brandon Roy was considering coming back to the NBA. But it was not something very positive and it seemed as if he was just pandering to the press. Now Roy seems to have done a 180, saying he is ready to play at the beginning of next season. Where he will go is up in the air, but he will definitely be able to land a roster spot anywhere he wants if he shows he is healthy.


Roy is a great player, but sadly for me I can only think of the Colorado Avalanche goalie Patrick Roy whenever I hear Brandon’s name. Which leads to pronunciation issues, Roy is pronounced “WA” for the NHL goalie, yet that is the way I say the last name of Brandon as well. Relevant? No, but the hope is I find someone out there who also does this.

After winning the Draft Lottery, the Hornets are about to have an owner as well

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Tom Benson now has a monopoly over all things sports in New Orleans. The owner of the Saints will now also be the proud owner of the Hornets. It has been quite a week for Benson, first winning the rights to Anthony Davis and now getting a professional basketball team for just $338 million. Granted it is the Hornets, a real team probably would have cost in the billion price range. But hey, good for you Tom Benson!


I mean just look at how empty the stadium is, it is honestly depressing. Sure Anthony Davis can fill the seats for a couple of weeks but even when this team is good fan support has never been great in the bayou.