Chris Mullin had got his love from the Warriors, but the fans had a different message for the owner

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This one was awkward to say the least. Chris Mullin (formerly of the St. John’s Redmen) had his jersey retired by the Warriors last night after the hall of fame player had a stellar career with Golden State. While the fans loved seeing Mullin, they were a whole lot less excited to see their owner, Joe Lacob. Or more excited depending on how you look at it. This video is a solid 5 minutes of Lacob being booed. Jump to 3 minutes to see things get even weirder. Rick Barry came in to speak of his old teammate Chris Mullin, but before that he had a few choice words for the fans. I’ll let him tell you hear it for yourselves though.

J.R. Smith will be suing his Chinese team

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It seems that the more I write about J.R. Smith, the less it has to do with actual basketball. This time I am forced to scribe about Smith because he has decided to sue his former Chinese team. During the NBA lockout, Smith headed to China to play for Zhejiang Chouzhou. During his time there he racked up $1,078,500 in fines, which accounted for about 1/3rd of his contract. So now Smith wants that money back, and FIBA will let him plead his case when an arbitrator in Switzerland gives him a hearing. And with that, the J.R. Smith saga continues, next up is whether or not he comes back to the Knicks. Fingers crossed for him going back overseas.

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys has passed away at the age of 47

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This one hits pretty close to home. Some of my best memories of high school come with listening to the Beastie Boys. When I got my Jeep the first song I jammed out to was Intergalactic. Even in the NBA video games the Beastie Boys were well represented. One game enabled you to even play as the three white rappers.


MCA in this picture is playing the role of the referee. The boys often played some crazy dress up, and being New Yorkers of course basketball was a theme as well. I actually caught MCA at a Knicks game a couple of years ago. So with that, I say rest in peace to one of my long time favorites, MCA.

Ron Artest gets in on the vampire craze

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At first I couldn’t believe it, Ron Artest is becoming a Vampire actor. Then I looked at the picture above and saw him attempting to bite Kobe’s neck. And that was all the proof I needed to know that he was indeed a demon of the night. Lets be honest, we all know how crazy Artest is. Not a single person could have possibly been shocked when Ron announced he would be starring in a show known as “Real Vampire Housewives.”  Now for the best part, according to, the role Artest is playing is that of a “a gregarious and overly sexual vampire elder.” I cant wait to see where this is going.

Jeremy Lin at it again, 38 points against the Los Angeles Lakers for the 92-85 win

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Well there is literally nothing left to say about the Linsanity fever. Once again Lin sets a new career high, this time with 38 points. The pessimist discredited Lin with having his great performances against bad teams. It is impossible to deny this kid now after he single handedly defeated Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Jeremy Lin may have spent his off season collecting the 7 Dragon Balls or searching for some magic lamp because there is no way that a force on this planet was able to give this guy the power to control the NBA overnight. Well lets just continue to watch the man work his magic.

What better way to honor Jeremy Lin than a song by Sisqo. It was between this and Jeremy by Pearl Jam. But to be honest the subject matter of Jeremy was far from exciting and fun like the Lin legacy, so I went with Sisqo.

New weHOOPny segment features 90′s NBA highlights complimented by a throwback song of the decade

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Since I started working at this site I’ve been wanting to figure out how to incorporate more things I am passionate about, other then basketball. Finally I can show my love of the 90′s with a tune from the final few years of the millennium along with some of basketballs greatest moments. So for Week One I present to you the song ‘I Wish’, by Skee-Lo. The song actually happens to have a basketball theme to it. But I wont strictly stick to songs like that so enjoy this classic beat and keep reading for a chance to relive the original Dream Team.




1992 was the first year that NBA players joined the American squad in the Olympics. The team was: Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls, John Stockton and Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz, Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers, Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks, Chris Mullin of the Golden State Warriors (and formally of St. John’s), David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs, and Charles Barkley of the Philadelphia 76ers. Oh and not to mention they later added Clyde Drexler of the Blazers and Christian Laettner of Duke. Laettner was the only college player of the squad, he actually beat out Shaq for the last spot on the team. So you could imagine when this team hit the court they dominated the competition. They beat their opposition by an average of 44 points per game , with one blowout of Angola by 68 points. They easily beat Croatia to take home the Gold medal in the finals. The team as a whole is a member of the Hall Of Fame, and many experts consider it the greatest team of athletes ever formed. They were kind of a big deal.

The Washington Wizards new jerseys are eerily similar to the team they share a building with

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Ted Leonis is the owner to the Washington Wizards. He also happens to own the NHL team, the Washington Capitals. The Caps have had their current jerseys for quite a few years, and Leonis has adapted that design to his Wizards. The Wizards are an awful team, the Caps have been pretty good in the past few years. My thinking is that Leonis is a marketing genius, the Caps are whats big in D.C. so he decided to make the Wizards look just like them. Unfortunately these slick jerseys have seen very, very, very few wins.