Here they are, the brand new Knicks uniforms

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The New York Knicks have had somewhat of a basic history of jerseys. Their changes over the years have been minimal, a change in color shade, an alter to the fringe. These uniforms do not break from that trend. That being said, they still look damn good.

Frenchman and former Knicks center Ronny Turiaf has signed with the Miami Heat

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For those wondering “chaleur” is apparently French for the word “Heat.” Which is where the good ol’ Ronny Turiaf is heading. No not a hot place in France, but the Miami Heat. Now Turiaf hasn’t really done much of anything this season, he only managed to play four games with the Wizards. And the Wizards are awful. But when your backup centers include the likes of Eddy Curry, I think the Heat wanted to bolster their bench anyway they could. So they picked up Turiaf off of waivers. Continuing with the French theme, a stereotype exist that France is full of stinky cheese. Ronny Turiaf has been called the smelliest player in the NBA by almost all of his peers. To go along with that he is also the sweatiest. I imagine the two things coincide. That being said, in his time with the Knicks Turiaf seemed like a great guy and I hope he gets a chance to play with the Heat.

Dwight Howard, playing the role of Donald Trump, without the actual power

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Dwight Howard has been an issue all year. His name was on the trading block all season, per his request. Finally he had decided to give the Magic another year and all the controversy was gone. But then he had a hissy fit as Orlando was getting blown out by the Knicks. And now he is calling for the head of Coach Stan Van Gundy. Howard doesn’t like Van Gundy, he has shown this on and off the court. But if the Magic decide to fire Stan-Van just because of Howard, then this organization will have bigger problems. Dwight will inevitably leave and then the team wont have a good coach or a good player. I am calling it now; if Stan Van Gundy is fired after this season, the Magic will forever be cursed by the Van Gundy family.

Feds raid ‘Birdmans’ house and rumors run rampant

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Yeah, not gonna lie, this is creepy.   Not that I followed the guys career much, but I can’t say I ever expected to read a story about the Feds knocking his door down and seizing all his personal electronics property.     I know a lot of people are saying ‘you can’t jump to conclusions yet’ since it’s all brand new and nothing has been 100% confirmed yet- and I’m right there on that level… but ya gotta admit, this is pretty serious stuff.

He’s been absent since the raid, missing games with his team, and the Nuggets have completely excused him indefinitely from any team functions until things are cleared up.   Andersen hasn’t exactly been a key player for the Nuggets this year, so this whole incident doesn’t hurt the Nuggets all that much; however any sort of outside interference issues like these always tend to have some negative impact on the team as they continue to play while dealing with the media controversy at hand.


As things unravel, we’ll keep you posted.  The weekend is here, and I’m ready to start enjoying myself.   I’ll see you all back here on Monday

Mrs. Carmelo Anthony chimes in on her husbands unfortunate moment

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“I was like ‘Damn, that looks like it hurts, (Melo) shook it right off, but it was just an unnecessary foul. The guy was mad about something else. In the States you wouldn’t be able to get away with something like that.”


That quote from La La Anthony comes courtesy of the New York Daily News. This was in response to Melo (her husband) getting, for lack of a better term, hit in the nuts against Argentina. These Olympics have been marred by various players taking cheap shots, but this is the first reaction we get by the player’s wife. And in the end, the lady is the most important when it comes to these types of matters.

For the best explanation of American sports, we simply go to Taiwan

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So the Taiwanese have these videos they put out every time something interesting happens in American sports. I’m not sure if these are meant to be a joke or this is actually how they attempt to cover our culture. Plus I’m pretty sure some of the kanji in there is Japanese, not taiwanese. But then again I know nothing of the Taiwanese language. Anyway, this actually the best explanation I think I’ve ever seen about Ron Artest, this is what happens when ESPN is your only other source.

The new Lebron X sneakers can do it all, at the right price

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Lebron James has had a pretty good year. He won his first NBA championship, his second Olympic gold medal, and now he is releasing a whole new line of shoes. The Lebron X is supposedly one of the most high tech sneakers on the market. It has built in sensors that can track various metrics, such as how high the player can jump. Now of course something like this cant come cheap. The suggested retail price has jumped around from $180 dollars up to $315 dollars. Something tells me all the fun features wont come cheap, and these sneakers will be more on the $300 dollar side of things.